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Grizzly Tales

Posted 02-03-2011 at 06:45 by Bill Powell

King Cove, Alaska, where my brother was a cop is built on an old Grizzly migratory path. The Grizzlies do not know that they should change their route, and the humans did not tell them. The humans just moved in and built a fish cannery. Consequently there is quite a bit of inter-action between the two species.

The first thing my brother do before taking out the trash was to check the dumpster to see if it was full of grizzly. One night he drove up to his house and there was a big grizz prowling around the dumpster, looking for snacks. My brother decided a photo was is order. While he was turned around, adjusting his camera, the grizzly spotted him and came over to check him out. when he turned around with the camera the grizzly's nose was about a foot and a half from his face. He snapped the photo, which startled the grizzly to the point he staggered back and fell on his ass. By the time he got up he'd forgotten what startled him and he wandered off another direction. Adventure over.

They found a photographer who had evidently stumbled onto a mother grizzly and a couple of cubs. He sharted shooting and the grizzly was startled by the noise of the mechanized shutter. They know this because thy were able to develop the film in the camera, showing the grizzly jerk her head around and start running up the hill toward the phtographer. The last shot shot he got of her was the little hangy down part in the back of her throat, just before she bit his head off. His adventure done.

In King Cove, on the edge of town was a pretty substantial cabin. A woman and her two kids were visiting the person who lived there and were on their way back to town. As they were walking toward town a couple of half grown grizzly cub same out onto the road to check them out. When the mother saw the cubs, she screamed, grabbed a little girl by the arm, jmped the fence and headed to town across country. The left a six year old boy to deal with those bears by himself. His solution was to run like hell up the road, which was the absolute wrong thing to do. When he started running the cubs started chasing him, and caught him.

When the mother got to town she told the police what happened and my brother and his pard went out to find them. They tracked them by skid marks, and sneakers and the like that fell off the boy. When they found them the cubs were snacking off the six year old. They had to kill the two cubs, and carry what was left of the little boy back to town. The little boy's adventure was hardly started before it was over.
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