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Carrying 1 gun or 2 for CHL holders...

Posted 04-08-2011 at 16:11 by nrayjr

As a Texas Certified CHL Instucter for the past 15 years, I always recomend the Glock 19 for 1st time CHL License holders or people with a carry permit. Why??? Because it's simple, light, conceals well, AND It Works Every Time!!! And even tho my favorite CHL gun is a officers size 1911 in .45 acp, I frequently carry a Glock 31 (357 sig) & a Glock 33 compact as a Back-up because the mags will interchange. I prefere the .357sig caliber because it has miuch more stopping power than a 9mm, but it also has quite a bit more recoil. And I have also found I can Conceal a full size Glock as easy as the compact frame. I prefer a Galco M5X Matrix Paddle Holster holster or the Galco Concealable Belt Holster. Also, with the hot weather here in Texas, I often carry what the Texas Rangers call "Mexican Style". That is just tucked inside the pants on the right hip with the butt of the gun turned forward. I can not do that with my 1911, because of to many sharp edges, & the sweat will rust your gun. I prefer the Glock when I carry in this manner because it's much more comfortable than the 1911, & U don't have to ever worry about rust w/ a Glock. AND, I Have Had even my Best 1911 jam before. BUT I have never had any of my Glock's Jam! Ever!!!
So yes, I always carry 2 guns & sometimes 3.
If I have to call the Cops @ my ranch, they are 1 hour away. Carrying 3 guns may seem extreme to a lot of people, but like I tell my CHL students... It's Much Better to have them & not Need them, then the alternative. Because the 1 time U leave your Gun @ home. That's the 1 time U WILL need it!!! I Pray I Never have to use my Carry Gun, but they R with me always. I can protect my family at all times against all bad guys. BTW, I usually carrry a Ruger LCP 380 w/ the Crimson Trace Lazer as my 3rd Pistol. Not my favorite Caliber for Self Defense, but it is Very Reliable, & beats a Knife Any Day! All my Texas State Trooper friends carry 1 in their week-side pocket. That way, if some one is trying to take away their Duty Weapon, the can reach in there left pocket & use the LCP .380 to get the Bad Guy whom they are fighting with! So don't let anyone make fun of U for carrying 2 or 3 guns. Every Law Officer I know does. Better to be over prepared than un-armed or have a malfunction. That's not Paranoia, it's just being prepaired like the Boy Scout Motto. NR
Here is a link to my websight if U have any more questions. Advice is free...
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    JackMac's Avatar
    I usually carry a G19 and G26 daily and I've been out of law enforcement over 20 years now. That experience was educational as before being in law enforcement I had no realistic conception of the existence or magnitude of the criminal element among us. You're right, the scout motto applies in all walks of life..."be prepared". Jack
    Posted 04-09-2011 at 08:15 by JackMac JackMac is offline
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    beemerphile's Avatar
    If you carry a Glock "Mexican" get ready to sing soprano in the choir. The Glock's readiness for action works both ways. A holster that covers the trigger is a necessary component of the Glock safety system. I am sure there are many who have done it for years with impunity, just as there are people who smoked, driven while drunk, and so on for decades without incident.
    Posted 04-11-2011 at 05:38 by beemerphile beemerphile is offline
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    I always carry my Glock without a round in the chamber when just tucking it in my pants. With that type of carry, I practice the Massad technique of chambering a round as I draw. With just a little practice, U can master it pretty quickly
    Posted 04-12-2011 at 18:51 by nrayjr nrayjr is offline

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