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Coldest winter in 1,000 years...

Posted 10-06-2010 at 04:22 by Toledo

Originally Posted by Brian Lee View Post
Well Phoenix certainly set some heat records this summer, and I hear New York did too.

The article refers to the local weather expected in one small part of the world and does not say anything about world wide averages. If you thought we were supposed to be experiencing an even amount of heating spread over the whole world and throughout all four seasons, then you've misunderstood some things.

Trouble yourself to actually learn how melting polar ice could dose the seas with too much fresh water and change the ocean currents that distribute heat around the world, and the effect this can have on local weather. Then it's easy to understand that changing currents could make certain places much colder in winter.

Northern Europe is predicted to be one of those places where winters will get colder, since it presently benefits from a warm current that brings warm water from the southern Atlantic into the area of the north sea. If the salinity of the water near Greenland changes too much because of melting ice, this current could be shut down and not restart itself for a long long time. Research conducted by the US military (for military purposes - like mapping the ocean floor as they also did) was largely responsible for the initial discovery that these ocean currents exist, and I doubt they are wrong about it.

There now.... See how easy it is to learn something - If you are willing to read beyond the headlines of an issue, and examine the important details instead of having an instant knee-jerk political reaction to everything before you even understand the issue?

Flames of ignorance expected in 3, 2, 1......
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