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AHC Pocket Holster Review

Posted 07-14-2011 at 12:59 by Irelander

Review of Alabama Holster Company's kydek pocket holster for Kahr P380.

Earlier this year I got the itch for a pocket .380ACP pistol. My Glock 26 is great but for the summer months it is too thick to conceal in a t-shirt and shorts. I chose the Kahr P380 and I am very glad I did. In my opinion, it is the best deep carry .380 pistol on the market today.

I carried the small Kahr in an ankle holster for a while but I needed quicker access to my carry gun. I looked at some friends' leather pocket holsters but they all seemed too thick to me, so I started looking at kydex variations. It was a toss up between the FIST and AHC holsters. Since the AHC holster had the same features that the FIST holster had with a better price, I went with AHC.

The holster arrived in about 50 days. Not the greatest turnaround time but most holster companies are really busy right now so it didn't really bother me.

The holster is very nicely made from very thin kydex to keep the bulk down which I appreciate with my thin frame. I do not wear baggy pants so I needed something that would be as thin as possible so as not to take away from the thin profile of the P380. The ACH holster fits the bill.

The side of the holster that faces out is relatively smooth so that the details of the gun are hidden when pressed up against your pants.

The side of the holster that faces your leg is detailed to fit the gun creating retention. The retention is not too tight to make it difficult to draw, but tight enough that the gun stays in the holster reliably.

When carrying the pistol/holster combo it does print but the shape of the print is square due to the shape of the holster. This makes the outline of the holster look more like a wallet or cell phone case.

When the pants are pulled tight as when walking or sitting, the grip of the pistol is slightly distinguishable. The trained eye may be able to determine you are carrying a pistol but most of the sheeple out there are do not have a trained eye for these kind of things.

All in all I think this holster is great. It stays upright in the pocket, provides retention, and breaks up the outline of the pistol adequately. It is thin, lightweight, and will not degrade like a leather pocket holster will. Sweat will not effect the kydex and pocket lint will not stick to it. One of the selling points to me is the thumb tab that allows you to draw the pistol with the natural push of the thumb against the tab. This is key because the holster does not adhere in any way to the pocket as a suede leather holster will do.

Which brings me to the only real negative that I have found with this holster. Since the kydex is hard and smooth is can slide around in the pocket. In some types of dress pants with "shallow" pockets, I have experienced the holster sliding out of the pocket when sitting. The conscious and aware armed citizen should notice when his/her firearm is sliding out of the pants and adjust their posture to reduce the possibility of this happening. Luckily for me I was just sitting at my parents house. I suppose I could add a thin strip of rubber to the holster with adhesive to make it stick in the pocket. Other than that this holster just plain works.
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