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Things I've Learned in Glock Talk

Posted 01-03-2012 at 08:23 by RussP
Updated 01-03-2012 at 10:15 by RussP

Good thread, not recommended for all
Originally Posted by Straight Pipe View Post
(1) If some one pleads guilty to a crime they can not appeal the conviction.

(2) Sarcasm is way over some people's heads.
Originally Posted by razdog76 View Post
I think Coptalk is like morning radio, there are many more people listening to the conversations, than participating.
Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
I learned,

The police are unnecessary, if you own a gun you will never need to call the cops.

Never let facts or logic interfere with your opinions.

Always judge things with hindsight after all the facts known. Never consider actions according to what someone knew or reasonably believed at the time they took action.

Even after your post has been demolished and your "facts" dis proven just keep repeating the same drivel over and over again like it's the truth.

When getting your ass handed to you in a debate deflect, deflect, deflect. NEVER admit your views are not supported by facts or logic, deflect and change tactics.

Proclaim your self a champion of liberty and freedom loudly damning what you perceive to be infringements on YOUR liberty and freedom while supporting restrictions on other peoples freedoms and liberties to get what you want.

Many upstanding posters proclaim themselves certified law abiding good guys while apparently having regular contact with the police in regards to their driving habits.

After having thousands of posts where you have expressed your opinions, ideas, and revealed the general level of your intelligence make sure to tell any opponent that takes issue with you that they know NOTHING about you.
Originally Posted by Cubdriver View Post
Well, as someone who's NOT associated with law enforcement, I personally enjoy reading this section of the forum and am glad that it's not LEO only. It's interesting to see things from your point of view, and to varying degrees horrifying - fascinating - amusing and insightful to read your stories. People never cease to amaze me (and all too often NOT in a good way), and by the nature of your profession it seems you guys get to interact with many of the more 'colorful' ones on a regular basis.

I've learned some tips for traffic stops that I might not otherwise have thought of - things like dome light on at night, make an effort to be calm and move slowly, say what you're going to do before doing it (like in don't quickly dive for the glove compartment when asked for registration), etc. Thus far I've not needed to put this new information to use as I try to avoid interacting with you folks on a 'professional' level, but it's good to know it just in case. I'd never really thought about just how high-stress pulling someone over is for the cop until really stopping and thinking about it. I'd bet long odds that MOST people don't give it a thought.

Knowledge gained here has also been helpful in debating idiots on facebook and in other forums yipping about things like the horrible police brutality in the OWS protests, trying to explain ask-tell-make, ferreting out the WHOLE video, and not just the part where the allegedly peaceful students sitting and singing hymns were mercilessly hosed down with OC without any warning or provocation. It's nice to occasionally see someone's eyes opened up when they see the ten minutes leading up to the news clip where the police tried just about everything to get the crowd to disperse, and also see the 'innocent' party screaming, swearing, threatening and practically going ballistic while the cops stand there biting their tongues and trying to calmly reason with them. It puts things in a different light.

It's also amusing to see you take on unarmed opponents in battles of wits here on the forum.

Dragoon's dinosaur stories are cool - it's good to hear from someone with first-hand knowledge.

And TBO, welcome back from your hiatus.

Hope all of you have a safe holiday season, and keep up the good work.

And there are more in the thread...
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