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Situational Awareness and Avoidance

Posted 07-09-2012 at 06:46 by RussP

These are pretty good...
Originally Posted by SevenSixtyTwo View Post
Anyone watch football? Those guys aren't wimps. When they go down, I'm having a hard time imagining them drawing a weapon from concealment under their shirts and effectively using it. I've been tackled twice in my life. Once by a gang of thugs and once being mugged late at night out for a sandwich. Why folks think they'll be able to draw and shoot while under such an attack is beyond me. Your attacker if it ever happens isn't likely to be some limp wristed fruit loop in drag thlapping at you while you hold him back with your left hand so you can draw with your right hand. Unless you're a good size man and can fend off such an attack, you're going down really quick and drawing isn't going to happen. If you are a good size man, chances are a mugger isn't going to pick you anyhow. This perfect imagined scenario of fending off an attacker with one hand while drawing from concealment and shooting with the other is unrealistic. SA and avoidance will save your life. Don't let someone get to the point of tackling you before you give yourself a chance to draw and defend yourself. No stranger is going to get right up on you all of a sudden unless there's some kind of bad intent. Keep your distance. If he insists against your demands to back off, he's a threat. If your SA is as lax as mine was years ago and you get tackled while armed, my condolences to your family.
Originally Posted by jdavionic View Post
That's always a tough message to get to sink in, unless folks have experienced incidents where they have been attacked.

Situational awareness is critical to self defense. Ideally you avoid a conflict altogether by SA. If that's not possible, SA is the critical to having the time to prepare for the conflict. Whether the fraction of second in chambering a round will make a difference in your outcome is dependent on many variables that are unique to the person making that decision to carry in that manner.

Only you can make that decision of what is best for you - based on your environment, your equipment, your training & skills, your own risk assessment, etc. That's why this discussion will continue on & on. There is no 'one right answer' that applies to everyone.
Originally Posted by SouthernBoyVA View Post
Excellent post and points.

Attacks don't usually come slowly but rather quickly with a lot of force and violence. Two things are your best friend before an attack: SA and staying away from questionable places and areas.

Great post.
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