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Choose One Or The Other: Guns And Ammo, Or Food?

Posted 11-13-2012 at 04:20 by Arc Angel
Updated 03-16-2013 at 08:03 by Arc Angel

I've stopped going to matches and, lately, don't even go to the range anymore. (The ammo is just too dear! I can't seem to bring myself to fire a shot - ANY shot!) About two years ago I started to get this wild idea that I needed more ammo; (I didn't!) so I began coming home with regular and frequent ammo purchases and, 'squirreling' the stuff away all over the house.

Recently things started to get tight; so I dug into the 22 LR ammo, (of which I have a lot) and began limiting my shooting to strictly 22 LR. Then I began to realize that I was making a mistake! (After all, if you've got to, 'shoot to eat' then 22 LR ammo is the way to go.) Right now there is NO 22 LR AMMO FOR SALE anywhere that I know of in Northeastern Pennsylvania - NONE! So, to quote my wife, '[COLOR="Navy"][I]Looks like it's, 'snap-cap city' from now on for you, Pal![/I][/COLOR]' :supergrin:

I've got a, 'bad feeling' about all of this! First that bizarre and very abnormal kindergarten shooting in New Town, CT; and, now, the DHS along with several other internal federal agencies have ordered a combined total of 2 billion rounds of assorted small arms ammunition!

The current national ammo shortage is now being projected to last for, at least, another full year! The whole situation causes me to wonder, 'Who' the United States government is planning on going to war with? The other question, of course, is, 'Why'? I've noticed something else, too. These recent - unquestionably hysterical - gun laws they've been passing: Nothing's being, 'grandfathered'. If you've got it; and, 'they' don't like it, then owners who retain possession of THEIR PERSONAL PROPERTY are being automatically turned into criminals; and banned items are going to be subject to confiscation WITHOUT any sort of monetary compensation!

A couple of weeks ago some guy I met in a local gun shop offered me - sight unseen - $3,500.00 for my Colt tactical carbine! Naturally, I turned him down; but he's got me wondering, 'Why' he's so sure that the next, 'wild ass gun law' the politicians pass won't just plain, flat-out outlaw ALL tactical carbines? 'Impossible!' you might say? Well, I'm no longer so sure.

The America I grew up in more than 60 years ago, and the America I'm living in today are, definitely, not the same place! I suspect, 'the smart money' is betting that in another 25 or 30 years there are not going to be any such legal entities as: The American Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, or any popular ideological sentiment like that expressed in The Declaration Of Independence.

Oh, yeah, you can add The Holy Bible - in all of its various forms - to the impending list of banned literature and outlawed ideology. NOT because this is, 'What' most people will want; but, because the people who actually run this world are going to begin exposing themselves, and will start telling everyone else what they are, then, going to be required to do.

NOW the Federal Government's purchase of two billion rounds of ammunition FOR DOMESTIC USE INSIDE THE UNITED STATES suddenly begins to make sense. Under proper storage conditions the usable, 'shelf-life' of the Homeland Security ammunition that's now being produced is close to 100 years! If, however, an ammo consumption rate equivalent to what’s occurred, recently, in Afghanistan and Iraq is assumed then two billion rounds of small arms ammunition should take less than eighteen months to be expended, here, in American field operations! :freak:

At the present time whatever, 'social events' the (no longer so covert) world government is rehearsing for are, still, about two years off; BUT, whatever it is, it's definitely coming! All this week I've been calling around to area gun dealers in an effort to backorder various calibers of ammunition. Not one dealer has been willing to backorder anything for me! The only desirable item I came up with is one dealer who DID have M855 equivalent ammunition in stock. I almost went for it; but, my dog needs an expensive operation; and my wife gave me a choice: (1) Go ahead and buy the ammunition; or (2) take the dog to the vet. next week for surgery. (I went with making life easier for our Bulldog.)

Anyway the brick of 5.56 ammo I found worked out to a little over .95 cents a round! That's a lot of money for a guy who's never paid more than .65 cents per round before this for decent quality, 'military grade' ammo. Yes, I knew things were going to, 'amp up' after 12/21/12; but, I didn't think everything would begin heating up so soon.

I'm an old man; and I've been telling myself that I'd be well out 'a here before things really, 'get nasty'; but - after the past several months, and what Andrew Cuomo and his cronies in the New York State Legislature just got away with - I'm no longer so sure. The, 'winds of change', people. The, 'winds of change'.

If you want an old man's advice? Forget about guns and ammunition; and, instead, begin stockpiling nonperishable foodstuffs. It's a, 'hungry world', out there; and you're going to be needing food more than anything else. :tbo:

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