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How To Easily Remove Any Glock Magazine's Floor Plate

Posted 11-13-2012 at 06:11 by Arc Angel
Updated 02-04-2013 at 08:23 by Arc Angel

First, DO NOT cut the floor plate tabs off the magazine tube. Glock designed and put them there for a good reason; and, who knows, you might have to fight for your life someday with that magazine! (Over the years I've seen more than one magazine either, 'speed dump' or hit the floor in front of a shooter's shoes.)

You’re going to need a Glock armorer’s tool. If you haven't got a Glock armorer's tool, you don't need to spend 12 to 15 dollars in order to get one. Go to a place like Sears or True Value Hardware and pick up a 3/32's inch machinist's, 'drift punch' with a narrow shaft that is, at least, 3/4's of an inch long. I paid less than $5 bucks, apiece, for the two that I own.

(My True Value hardware store sells steel drift punches with 1 inch shafts on them; and they're perfect for any kind of work on a Glock; they, also, fit inside the hollow handle of my Kleen-Bore, 'Pocket Rods'.)

The magazine’s internal, ‘insert plate’ is the first part you have to elevate by about a 1/4 inch in order to take internal pressure off the magazine's, 'ears' - These tabs are the things that hold the exterior floor plate firmly in place so that it can't be jarred off the bottom of the magazine tube. Once the insert plate is elevated, and out of the way, the magazine floor plate is free to move.

So, here we go: First, I lay the magazine on its side, and place the bottom of the magazine's edge - just above the floor plate - against the 90 degree angle on the side of my desk.

Then I push the 3/32's inch punch through the hole in the mag's floor plate and elevate the insert plate by, about, 1/4 inch; AND hold it there. Now I put my support hand on top of the magazine body and squeeze the one side of the magazine against the other. At the same time I, simultaneously, yank forward on the armorer’s tool/drift punch until the floor plate begins to move.

(The very first time you remove the floor plate on a new magazine it might take two or three good yanks to get the floor plate to move. After the first time, it gets easier.)

That's it! Your magazine's floor plate is off. (It's taken me 25 times longer to type this explanation than it's ever taken me to get any Glock magazine apart!) :supergrin:


Aside from installing new sights, a 3/32's inch drift punch, or an armorer's tool and, maybe, a narrow-bladed (electronics) screwdriver with an overall length of 3 1/2 or 4 inches (Like the ones they sell in kits at Radio Shack.) are all you'll ever need.

[COLOR=RED]ADVISORY:[/COLOR] I am NOT a Certified Glock Armorer! (I'm only that armorer which Gaston Glock has forced me to become.) ;)
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