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Law Enforcement, the real, the bad, and the funny

Posted 11-24-2010 at 03:40 by Kahr_Glockman

Let em just start by telling a little about myself.

I have been in law enforcement for the last eight years. I started in law enforcement almost as a last resort but it quickly became my passion.

I think that there is a common feeling amongst people today that they mad with police and what is preceived as an increasingly militirazation of civilian law enforcement.

While that may be in some areas, there are some areas that look back and take public relations very seriously. Public relations can be subjective. There is also a fine line between "storm trooper" uniforms and "Barney Fife". The line varies by community to community as well. What may be acceptable in Cleavland, Ohio, will most certainly not be acceptable in Terlingua, TX.

Having worked in "rural" departments for my career I have come to see this more glaringly. Right now I work for a small agency just outside of Austin. I get to see a lot of different things and attitudes.

The attitude that I see now is that people are mad about police invlovement in most things that they do. Let me put this into perspective. Do you think that I really want to be at your house because your dog is barking at 3:00 am? The answer is no. Flat out no. The issue is that you will be pissed off at me for waking you up, and the caller that reported it will be mad at me because I "failed" to do something. It is really a no win scenario. The dog doesn't care that it is waking everyone up. That is what it is trying to do, let you know that something is wrong.

Law enforcement is like this in just about everything that we do. Traffic enforcement is another. To much and it becomes "revenue generation". To little and crashes start occuring and we didn't do "enough". Again this is a subjective thing. One person may see any traffic enforcement and say that it is an overstep and not neccessary. Another will that an officer needs to be writing as many citations as possible. Again a no win scenario.

Another thing that LE sees is the truely horrific. A car that was crashed and then burned with it's occupants trapped. A grieving family that finds there loved one deceased and not knowing how. So when you here a cop that makes a callous or seemingly insensitive remark, it is most likely a way that they are handling the stress of seeing these things. A coping mechanisim if you will.

Then there are truely funny things. Adults that act like children and doing some stupid things. Inflicting upon themselves embarassment from their own actions. Seeing someone reaping the rewards of doing something so foolish that you can do nothing more than laugh.

Most cops are good people, and really are just trying to a job that is thankless, dangerous, and at times frustrating.

Hopefully this is the beginning of many more posts. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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