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PART TWO: What, If Any, ‘Debt’ Do You Owe To Others?

Posted 02-26-2013 at 11:25 by Arc Angel
Updated 03-10-2013 at 10:48 by Arc Angel

NEVERTHELESS, there IS Absolute Truth in the universe! However, the badly confused animals who have just been described are NEVER going to find any of it. Their principal strong obsession - their perverse intellectual illusion - is to quite simply and straightforwardly,


Ancient Israel’s wisest of Kings, Solomon, was gifted by God with True Wisdom! Solomon had it; and he shared God’s gift of wisdom with all others. (Because one of the, ‘gifts of wisdom’ is charitable GENEROSITY.) The Holy Bible is Truth; and anyone who is, ‘willing to tremble’ before Truth (AND The Author of that Truth) is going to expose himself to the ultimate acquisition of what is actually, ‘divine understanding’.

An accurate knowledge of God is NOT something that natural man is automatically born with - OK! Absolute, immutable, and unequivocal Truth DOES exist; but, in mankind’s most natural state of restricted mental (and emotional) comprehension, it MUST be learned!

‘[COLOR="Navy"][I][B]Show me Thy ways, O’ Lord; teach me Thy paths; lead me in Thy Truth, and teach me; for Thou art The God of my salvation! On Thee do I wait all the day.[/B][/I][/COLOR]’ (Psalm 25)

The Lord Jesus Christ said, ‘[I][COLOR="Navy"][B]Thy Word is Truth.[/B][/I][/COLOR]’ (John 17:17) The Apostle Peter wrote that Sacred Scripture is, and always has been, of certain validity. (The same validity as God) (II Peter 1:16-21). The Prophet Isaiah wrote that any idea contrary to Scripture leads only to total (intellectual) darkness. (Isaiah 8:19-22) King David exalted God’s Word on all subjects; and David hated any difference of opinion. (Psalms 119:128) The Apostle Paul firmly stated that the world’s so-called, ‘science’ is NOT true science; and all things could, and should, be proven as being either, ‘good’ or, ‘bad’. (I Timothy 6:20; & I Thessalonians 5:21)

Because natural men are enslaved by the devil - Who is a liar and the father of lies! - they have no interest in learning The Truth. (John 8:44-45) Jesus knew He could have gathered larger crowds with lies; but, Jesus is The Truth; so He presented The Truth with such authority and clarity that the people were astonished at His remarkable superiority to their usual: ignorant, pandering and effeminate, falsely eulogizing teachers. (Matthew 7:28-29)

:upeyes: (Does the above comment remind you of anyone you’ve seen on television, lately?)

The Apostles did not preach fables. They dealt in Absolute Truth! This Truth is known as, ‘the faith of God’s elect’. (Luke 1:1-4; & Titus 1:1) They rejected verbose eloquence and emotional pandering (‘rushes’) as valid intellectual appeals to the religious inclinations of their fellowman.

If worldlings were to believe and follow their example, then, the Apostles wanted such inquiring men to proceed on the intellectual basis of accurate and true knowledge - NOT politically correct rationale, or emotional, ‘rushes’ of the moment. (I Corinthians 2:1-5) They were eyewitnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who proved His resurrection with many infallible proofs. They taught these facts, and the Holy Bible as being absolutely true. (Acts 1:3,22; & I Corinthians 15:3-8)

Make no mistake! Adultery is a spiritual offence that is worthy of death, and so is sodomy; but sodomy (homosexuality and other bizarre sexual perversions) is, also, a spiritually abominable and disgusting unnatural perversion. If you think otherwise, then, in the Eyes of all Heaven, you are already dead and going straight to Hell.

Abortion is child murder, and ADD (attention deficit disorder) can be easily solved by the restoration of public flogging. Biblical, or otherwise, ONE man and ONE woman in marriage is the fundamental social unit of an orderly society, as well as the ultimate basis for sexual union between two intertwined mortal souls.

Sacred Scripture ([U]The[/U] ultimate authority!) repeatedly states that women are to obey and reverence their husbands. Because, in a high spiritual sense, (HERE is the hidden lesson! ;) ) man is both the spiritual AND intellectual ‘head’ of woman. If you think otherwise, then, you are in danger of perishing in The Judgment. These facts and thousands more like them are ALL parts of God’s Absolute Spiritual Truth. These dictums are vital declarations and sovereign commands of The Creator, [U]The[/U] Most High God.

‘[COLOR="Navy"][I][B]Every Word of God is pure.[/B][/I][/COLOR]’. (Proverbs 30:5) The only wholesome words in the world are those of the Lord Jesus Christ. (I Timothy 6:3) Every reader should know how to give truthful answers to those who might ask; (I Peter 3:15) and it is the duty of every true Christian to earnestly contend for The One True Faith – [U]The[/U] Absolute Truth delivered to this Earth by all of God’s Prophets and Saints of old.

The arrogant, loud, opinionated, and salacious reasonings of world-wise men are all worthless and, ultimately, will only lead to the death of your body AND soul. If you’re willing to accept responsibility for yourself and for your own salvation, (Perhaps, even, for the salvation of others) then you MUST accept that: The One True Creator God exists, and that His Word is absolutely true. The canonized Holy Bible contains the answers all men, sooner or later, MUST discover in order to save themselves from the ongoing confusion and tumult of an otherwise genuinely hellish mortal existence.

God seeks true worshippers, men who will worship Him in, BOTH, Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:23-24) There is nothing left to debate, to discuss, to invent, or to modify. God, Himself, has revealed His Perfect Will for man to know and follow. It is the personal acquisition of this intellectual revelation that you MUST seek with all your heart. (Deuteronomy 4:5-10; 6:24-25; 29:29; & 32:46-47)

For ANY PURPOSE other than a witness, a true believer should reject and avoid the company of, or companionship with, worldly men. (Proverbs 9:6; 14:7; Deuteronomy 13:6-18; Psalms 101:3; Romans 16:17-18; Ephesians 5:11; II Thessalonians 2:15; 3:6, 14; I Timothy 6:3-5; II Timothy 3:1-5; & Titus 3:10-11).

Go ahead! Seek out and question the Holy Bible for the right answers to all of your questions; and settle for nothing less! Exalt God’s revealed precepts, and hate every false way. (Psalms 119:128) The opinions of any worldly man, or all worldly men, amount to the same thing – Turmoil and certain confusion! Give correct biblical answers to any questions you might receive from others. Let your words be the certain Words of Truth. Do NOT be afraid; and, earnestly defend The Absolute Truth of God against attack at all times.

Because there can be no such thing as being, ‘smarter than God’, conversely there is, also, no such thing as being, ‘smart as the devil’. Do not fear evil. Overcome evil through the power of prayer along with that inquiring mind and intelligence which God has given you. You should, also, be aware that,


It is God The Father, Himself, who creates what becomes a saving mutual attraction! :thumbsup: (John 6:44, & 14:6) (John 6:44, & 14:6)

Extrapolated from, ‘The Proverb For The Day’, of February 22nd, 2013. [url][/url] | 212 Standing Springs Road | Simpsonville | SC | 29680
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