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Discovering your bliss without having to spend a bundle

Posted 09-03-2013 at 00:43 by emmascott

Don't feel bad about being useful. It's all part of the work-life balance, with a focus on balance. These techniques for finding your bliss could be cheap, or even free. Article resource: How to find free or cheap fun

Stay on top of fun

It is really essential to laugh, and it will not cost you a thing. Make sure you are laughing and the people around you are enjoying themselves also. It can come from anything, but the most essential thing is to stop taking the world around you so seriously. A little laughter can go a long way.

Do not forget about new things

If you do not want to do anything, you need to pay attention to the activities of others. Other people do fun things such as playing the piano or rock climbing. Do not ever participate right now. You can do it again later. For now, you just sit back and watch other people do all the things you would love.

Being unproductive tip No. 3: Listen to the call of the wild

You could end up really happy just by listening and observing the insects, reptiles and creatures around you. Listen to the noises that they give, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Summertime relaxation in a park

Get a chair or blanket and sit in the park listening to and watching the people around you. You can always bring lunch with you while enjoying the free activity of watching others. You do not have to spend money to be happy.

Being unproductive tip No. 5: Fun among the hedges

Most towns have community flower gardens or greenhouses that you can get in to without having to pay some kind of fee. It is perfect for walking around the facilities and enjoying yourself among nature.

Being unproductive tip No. 6: In the clouds

This is an easy one to mix with your trip to the park. Observe cloud formations and try to classify the shapes in your mind. You do not have to know what type of cloud it is, but you can choose whether it looks like Wimpy from “Popeye.” If you're with friends and family, share your observations and compare.

Do some reading

You can get a magazine or long pamphlet to read if you do not like books, but getting a good book and sitting down with it is good. It is much better than watching television and is great for your mind.

Photos around you

Reconnect with your past through old photographs. Each has a story to tell, and the trip down memory lane doesn't cost a penny. Provided the memories are good memories, you're en route to personal bliss.

Watch a sport

You can watch any type of game and enjoy yourself doing it. Rather than spending additional time playing the game, which may be considered productive, you can just watch it. Make sure you balance your life out rather than always working.

Go on a stroll

Again, these are things that could be accomplished in the park, although at the river, ocean or walking trail also works. Take off your shoes and feel water and sand between your toes. Let the cool be. You aren't being useful, and that's fine. Continue your path by walking at dusk. Observe the changes in the light. Work, bills and other obligations can wait, for a time.



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