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I believe TV is literally trying to control this entire nation's mind-think

Posted 09-13-2012 at 07:53 by Peace Warrior

I believe TV is literally trying to control this entire nation's mind-think.

For instance, if a person gets on TV and states their opinion on ANY, repeat ANY matter, topic, or issue, if it does not agree with the status quo of the globalists, they will have their talking heads dissect and eviscerate the contrary opinion until the TV watching masses adopt only the talking heads viewpoint.

This keeps every TV watching American in line with the ultimate agenda of forcing America into the globalists' system for governance of the entire planet.

However, if people would simply turn off, or at the very least LIMIT the TV shows they watch on a regular basis, and rather turn to some alternative media sources for their information, they would get a fair play, or in the paraphrased words of our Founding Fathers, they would finally be able to exercise Free Speech. Afterward, not only would they then be able to decide for themselves and their families the best course of action to take over an issue or challenge facing them and other Americans, they would be able to add their voice to the struggle.

There is something very draconian about first hearing a speech by say, a politician wanting to be elected for service, and then being forced to listen to the mass media's "take or opinion" on what the politician actually meant during his/her speech. Ron Paul, during this current election cycle, is a perfect example.

I've listened to the man (i.e Ron Paul), and what he has to say has been castigated non-stop by the mass media, and yet his words are simple to understand, and his worldview is totally pro-America. Makes me wonder about all those talking heads that denigrate his message.

My TV's been off for quite some time, but in the interest of full disclosure, I do watch Judge Judy and those Cops shows each week; however, I refuse to let my ears be defiled or ruined by those professional pundits that spew the globalists' agenda non-stop 24-7.

Just my 0.64 Rubles for today (i.e., 09-13-2012), ymmv
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    I strongly agree with you! We should question everything. No matter which party we belong too.
    Posted 10-10-2012 at 10:22 by .45 Combat .45 Combat is offline

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