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    Gun safety this holiday season

    prayers for a full recovery.

    aside from getting stuck in the wrist(as a child) w/a dart, i've been blessed w/no accidents such as yours.
    i did have a sign from The Boss(i've had lots of these throughout my life!)that He's watching: most of my shooting has been on non-ranges(you are your own range officer)and most of my habits are self-taught.
    i was shooting 1911s almost exclusively(first gun)and i wanted to maximize my firepower so i would load a mag, put it down, drop a round in the chamber, drop the slide and insert the mag. i did this for years, 15-18 years.
    me and my best friend were shooting on the lease. friend weighs about 370. i had my v16(45super). i was sitting on my tailgate and he was standing to my right, watching me load it(load mag, drop round in pipe).
    he tells me why it's a bad idea to do it that way and i tell him, bulltwinkies! i've been doing it this way as long as i've been shooting!
    he took a step back and i turned to my left, dropped the slide and it went OFF! he spoke first and said i told you so.
    i spent the rest of the day(long after shooting was over)w/the knowledge that if i had shot him and the wound didn't kill him the lack of treatment would have cause there's no way i could have gotten him into either of the trucks.
    i've never 'dropped' the slide since then either.
    now i just need to work on the nephew...
    Posted 12-12-2010 at 07:23 by xdmikey xdmikey is offline
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    Six Feet Under's Avatar

    Gun safety this holiday season

    I had that same conversation with my anesthesiologist before I went into surgery yesterday... It's easy to make a mistake with a firearm, but it's just as easy NOT TO. Or easier, maybe. All it takes is common sense and not allowing yourself to get comfortable with something that can kill people by basically pulling a lever.
    Posted 12-03-2010 at 18:13 by Six Feet Under Six Feet Under is offline
    Updated 12-03-2010 at 20:11 by Six Feet Under
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    Jon_R's Avatar

    Gun safety this holiday season

    I hope you get all better and thanks for the reminder.

    Guns are very simple machines. They are also very reliable. When the striker / firing pin hits that primer it is going to go bang and it is going to go into whatever the barrel is pointing at.

    It takes many failures by people for very bad results yet they happen a lot more then they should.
    Posted 12-03-2010 at 18:02 by Jon_R Jon_R is offline

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