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G19 and Ruger LCR - two gun CCW?

Posted 04-08-2011 at 15:59 by nrayjr

Originally Posted by WMDoug View Post
I am waiting on my CPL to come in. In the meanwhile I have decided to get a snubby for pocket carry (Ruger LCR) and was going to carry my G19 either IWB or OWB. I did look at a G26 but it printed too much for pants pocket. In Michigan we are always wearing some kind of jacket, so pocket made sense for casual carry as well.

That being said, a G19 and Ruger seems like a lot of firepower to keep track of. How many of you guys carry two guns CCW? What are your gun combinations and how
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Thursday at the Creek - getting setup

Posted 04-07-2011 at 18:15 by tokarevsvt

Had a good day today at the Creek - since we drove in yesterday we got a early start this morning. First mission is to get the tables set up - this is always a challenge since everybody (other vendors) stop by to see whats up and maybe snag a bargin. Today it seemed like setup went alot faster than normal. Just like everybody else as soon as I setup I was out wondering around looking for stuff I couldnt live without. I did manage to sell 4 of our .50 cals to dealers today - not a bad start.
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Knob Creek - the ride up from FL - dont get mad but....

Posted 04-06-2011 at 19:24 by tokarevsvt

4-6-11 we did the drive from FL to KY today - All you guys from OH,MI,IL,IA and Canada - I have one question - Once you retire/get grey hair and drive on the interstate do you forget that the far left lane is for passing? Did anyone from the above mentioned states have a parent/grandparent returning from FL today? Please remind them to stay the F*#% out of the left lane. We had at least 5 or 6 today just doing the speed limit in the fast lane. When this happens all I can think of is how nice it...
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It never rains but it slides.

Posted 04-05-2011 at 14:36 by spero525

Sooooo. What do you do when a neighbor comes to you and says, "I think I've got a problem. Last week my porch steps were even and now one side is 2" higher than the other."

You go look, of course.

At least, this is what I did, and in the two weeks that followed that initial observation, two inches became two feet. The hill above the house was (and is still) sliding--creeping--steadily downward, surrounding the house and threatening to take it along for...
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HE did it.
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Knob Creek MG Shoot T-minus 2 days and counting....

Posted 04-04-2011 at 11:40 by tokarevsvt

Untill we leave that is. We drive up Wednesday setup on Thursday and the games begin on Friday. Its always a mad rush prior to leaving getting everything together. Trying to remember all the stuff you want to bring to sell. Every time I tell myself that it will be different next time - I will start getting ready sooner. Yea right like thats ever going to happen. If you are going to the Creek this weekend stop by C-18 in the pole barn and say hello. Now its back to work.......
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