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Blizzard '11 - A reloading BONANZA!! :)

Posted 02-01-2011 at 23:18 by MakeMineA10mm (MakeMineA10mm's Daily (or so) Reloading Blog)

Well, the blizzard has had the nice side-benefit of giving me some time to reload! Got sent home from work and told not to come back until Thursday (at the earliest), can't do anything outside, and the women-folk have monopolized the TV (which is OK with me), so I've been in the basement!!

First off, I got the last of my 30-06 cases primer pocket crimps removed. Saved and weighed the brass chips and came out with about 62.0 grs of brass!! That's about enough to make 2/3 of another...
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Springfield Armory Operator 2 month report

Posted 01-31-2011 at 21:36 by bigghoss
Updated 01-31-2011 at 21:36 by bigghoss

back in november I purchased a SA operator. I've put about 530 round through this gun and it's cycled just fine however the pistol will just barely eject the last case and sometimes it will get stuck in the port or caught in the feed lips of the mag. I'm no pistol smith but I believe it's due to a bad/improperly tuned extractor. the problem didn't reveal itself right away but just today it became very bad. it's done this with the two original mags and two 8 rounch chip mccormick shooting star mags....
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Getting my first Glock (gun) tomorrow - can't decide!

Posted 01-31-2011 at 19:46 by James Dean

Originally Posted by 0REDSOX7 View Post
Im going to go to the range tonight and do a comparison of the G19 vs G36 one last time and probably make my decision based on that. I think the cost of ammunition won't be a problem, but, I think now that I would have my own weapon would mean I would be more in tune to shoot it more, which means it would probably become an issue. Gah, I'm glad to know you all feel you can't go wrong with either the G36 vs the G19.
Thats your best bet
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G36 Problem and Solution?

Posted 01-29-2011 at 07:33 by GunE8

Originally Posted by English View Post
I think you have failed to understand the purpose of this thread, bu thank you for reviving it. The purpose was to match up people with problem G36s with people with no problem G36s so that we could reduce the number of variables involved in finding out why some G36s have problems which are consistent within a particular G36 and across a group of G36s.

We should all know that only a small proportion of G36s do not work as a Glock should, but that proportion is really too high and
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Conversations with famous people

Posted 01-29-2011 at 05:46 by Bill Powell (Bill's stories)

Whether they're famous to you would be determined by how old you are and your field of interest.

Dateline, Amelia Island, Fla-awhile ago.
Bobby Unser: I attended a meeting with several retired Indy drivers, all past winners of the race. It was kind of like a Trekky convention, with better mingling.

After the official program was over and the mingling started, I wound up with Unser. He was talking about how they used to build the old Indy Roadsters, and in...
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