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Winter, Vacation, Work, and other things in the way...

Posted 01-22-2011 at 21:48 by MakeMineA10mm (MakeMineA10mm's Daily (or so) Reloading Blog)

I've had a lot of work lately, and that has slowed down my reloading a little. Worse still, I am heading out to vacation tomorrow, so will be out of town for a week. No reloading...

But, progress is still kicking in MMA10mm's reloading room!

I've gotten all my "mistakes" rounded up on my 44-cal swaged JHP bullets. Was able to cannelure them all and segregated according to seating depth. (They all weight the same, but there is some...
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2011 SHOT is history - back to work

Posted 01-22-2011 at 08:37 by tokarevsvt

Its done the 2011 Shot Show is over - sold some stuff $$$, talked to tons of people, made a bunch of contacts both foreign and domestic, had dinner with friends and family and of course gambled just alittle.
Now its back to the shop to start working on some new stuff - some of which didnt make it to SHOT - we just ran out of time. Its always good to see all the new products the different companies are working on. This time we seemed to be more busy then previous times. Thats good, dont get...
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Last day at SHOT - More new stuff

Posted 01-21-2011 at 07:53 by tokarevsvt

Yesterday morning I was able to walk the main upstairs area of the show. Did it in 3 1/2 hrs - I walk fast. This mornings challenge is to walk the garage level (it used to be a parking garage). For anyone those who have had the chance to visit SHOT its alot to see.

Some of the cool stuff out there - aside from mine (sorry I had to do that)
KelTec's New 15 rnd capacity shotgun (I would have paid for one on the spot if possible)
also their new 22 mag pistol is neat. ...
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Memories of Las Vegas

Posted 01-20-2011 at 18:35 by Bill Powell (Bill's stories)

I've been the reports of the Shot Show in Las Vegas, and it brought to mind some of my own memories of the town.

I was at a truck stop on I15 and James Olmos sent an aide to find me. They had been told I had the best looking truck there. I met with Olmos and he told me they were starting a new show about city night life, and the premier show was to be about Las Vegas. They had me park at one of the fuel islands where they had their cameras set up. He started his monologue about...
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Day three at Shot Show - get ready to walk

Posted 01-20-2011 at 07:45 by tokarevsvt

Today at SHOT I will be hitting the pavement - more like the carpet - trying to see all the places on my list. Last couple days at the booth have been busy with lots of interest in our products and thats a good thing.

Heres a pic of the Gunny's challenge coin

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