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Conversation Between Bob2223 and fredj338
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  1. fredj338
    01-08-2011 13:03
    Hey Bob,
    Just checking in w/ you, seeing how things are going. I hope you have been able to get some things sorted out. Drop a note, let me know you are doing ok.
    best regards, fred
  2. fredj338
    12-06-2010 15:22
    Hey Bob, did you get that check & the bullets? Hope all is well.
    Best regards, fred
  3. fredj338
    07-01-2010 14:39
    Hey Bob, I was doing some research on the IF&W site. I am still thinking of maybe a handgun deer hunt this fall. The site lists a requrieemnt that I have a state issued handgun permit. Kalif doesn't issue a permit to own, each purchase is registered & investigated. I do have a state issued card that allows me to get into the process to buy, but no document exists to own. I do have my Utah nonres CCW, which Indiana does recognize. So do you have any thoughts? Is it even possible for me to hunt in Indiana w/ a handgun?
    It would be a good trip. I could fly into Nashville, visit some family there & then a shrot drive to Spencer for a few days hunting & shooting & BSing.
    regards, fred

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