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Conversation Between wjv and bdcochran
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  1. bdcochran
    12-16-2011 13:46
    Yes, most people would be pissed. My first response was alarm. Then in a split second I understood that if my handgun could not stand that abuse, it wasn't reliable.
  2. bdcochran
    10-24-2011 15:56
    Yes. Mostly filmed near Roy Rogers former home at the end of the west San Fernando Valley. Most guys entering the military in the 1960s - not know how to make a bed, wash clothes, brush teeth, shoot a gun. Yep, we had films on brushing the teeth. Most guys had never held a job or been ready to work at 7 am. Outside of motivated volunteers today, the same holds for most young American men. At that time, I shuddered when I thought about what 18 year women didn't know.
  3. bdcochran
    10-05-2010 18:42
    Probably true observations.
    1. If you are attacked, the round count will not be very high. Conversely, if shtf lasts for years, you will want to practice. You will participate in a group if you survive more than a few days. So, having a backup supply of ammo makes sense.
    2. mouse traps and other animal traps work 24/7. No one is going to be big game hunting and certainly not if he is also having to haul water, stand guard duty, repair things and chop wood.
    3. Precious metal may have its place. Ordinary items like hand tools, nails, screws, saws, matches, vitamins will be in great demand and short supply.

    4. The old crap about rice and beans. White rice has no nutrition and brown rice goes bad in two years. Beans require heat. Whatever happened to the common sense of canned tuna, canned fruit, jerky, and hardtack. They last for years. My rice is stored in 20 mm ammo cans. So much for the bs of throwing it in a corner and learning that the rats got into it.

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