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Conversation Between lawman800 and SpitFyRRe
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  1. lawman800
    06-02-2009 20:56
    That sounds about right... I have the G26 for off-duty, it's too big to be a backup, especially on your 24" waist and frame. Maybe that can be your gift to yourself with that first paycheck. I know I bought myself a J-frame revolver for a backup my first month on the job. Yep, we used revolvers in police work, believe it or not.

    If you were eight when I started... forget it... I don't want to talk to you anymore... dang whupper-snappers! All y'all kids are nuthin but hippies no how! Man, you are barely legal to drink. Your mommy know you out here playing cop?
  2. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 20:47
    I only needed one for Recruit!! it's the 22 .40 I'm looking into the 27 for my backup but I've got to get a job first. Guns cost money I don't have right now!! Maybe I should put the 27 on my birthday list for my dad haha. Ung...I'm really excited to start FTO! Just have to get hired somewhere first! I was 8 when you started your academy...feel old yet?? ;)
  3. lawman800
    06-02-2009 20:38
    You only have ONE pistol?!?!?!? Do not come home tomorrow until you buy another one! That's an ORDER! Always have more than one ready to go. You will need an off-duty and backup anyway for work so get to it already. What do you have as your main weapon?

    As for how to deal with the FTO? Hard to say. Some FTOs want to see how you act under pressure so you can't get flustered and show him you can't take stress. Some want to actually see you mess up so they can start their lesson there using you as the prime example. The best thing to do is study hard. You will have a field training manual outlining the different phases and what each phase and even what each day entails. Study the lessons ahead of time. Talk to your FTO about the lessons. Study hard on your own time to be ready for the lesson. The worst is having someone who is not prepared and not open to training.

    Your first few days should be light so take in his philosophy and ask him how does he see the training process. Don't be afraid to ask questions, ask all day, ask again and again until you are sure. Better to mess up in training than in real contacts. Make no mistake about it, you will mess up, the point is to not keep making the same mistake. Take copious notes of the training. If there's something you're iffy about, ask, then practice until you are comfortable.

    I went to the academy in 94, started in 95. On and off in between for other stupid distractions and endeavors in life but never could get away from being a cop. It's in the blood.
  4. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 20:23
    I'm very conscious of where my gun is so I don't think it's a disorder haha. I let my brother (20) use it over a weekend while he and my dad took my other little brother (12) hunting. We have mountain lion and bear by our cabin and neither my 20yo brother or dad could carry a rifle while out there bc they had filled their tags so they each wanted a pistol just in case. That was the most nerve-wrecking weekends I've ever had. I wanted to know the second my bro got into town so I could get my gun. I don't like not having it. I'm definitely aware of where it is while it's on me because I've got a 24-25" waist and I'm used to the weight of the gun. I feel weird when I've got my belt on without my gun in there.

    So I what do I do when my FTO starts doing that? Just take a breath and take it one step at a time or what? I like the FTO tips so keep em coming!! How long have you been a cop?
  5. lawman800
    06-02-2009 20:08
    It happens to all of us... well, not me. I've never left my gun anywhere. I am too guncrazy to ever leave my gun out anywhere. I am very conscious of my weapon at all times, on or off-duty. I think it might be a disorder.

    As for the normal stance... check with the department, some don't like it when their officers have their hand on the gun. We were taught in the PC-west to rest our elbow on the gun instead. Looks more PC, I guess. That didn't last too long. I am like you, I keep my hand on the gun on duty when I am in the field.

    I also wear a thigh holster so the weight is more apparent when the gun is in there, unlike a traditional belt holster.

    Your blond moment was fine. I am saying use it all up now before working. Small blond moments on the job can have consequences. Here's another FTO tip (I am full of them)... always think 4 steps ahead. What do I want to do, how do I do it, what might be the reactions I have to anticipate, how do I counter that, etc. Don't let your FTO rush you, that's part of the game. He'll rush you to try to get you rushing and mess up. Think things through, be confident and know what you are doing. The speed will come after you get used to doing what you do. We all had to start somewhere. None of us were born supercops... except for me, that is.
  6. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 19:57
    One of my friends did that once. He left it locked up at the jail, still had his back up weapon, but he said he almost crapped himself when that happened. I'd seriously be freaking out if I ever forgot my gun anywhere. My normal stance with my belt on is with my right hand resting on the gun and my left on my mag pouch.

    It wasn't a terrible blond moment, I mean it could have been a lot worse. Felt like an idiot though. Oh well, it happens. Haha.
  7. lawman800
    06-02-2009 19:49
    Hmmm... must be a midwest thing. We use the CA POST PHS form and that covers all of it. It was up to 24+ pages last I counted but thank God it's online in a Word document so you can just print out as many copies as you need after typing it in once.

    As for the blond momemnts... get them out and over with now. I had a blond shift partner who forgot her gun once and she walked in and didn't even know it. I pulled out my gun and said hey, I got your gun. She looked down at her holster and was freaked out that she had her gun taken away and didn't even know it. I had her going for a while and told her it's an old FTO trick. After some delicious torture, I finally told her the truth and she ran back into the locker to get her gun in time for briefing.
  8. SpitFyRRe
    06-02-2009 16:07
    it's a DOJ 330 form. It's pretty much an application the DoJ has created for LE agencies. I felt like a dork today. I went to drop off my cover letter and resume to an agency and had a blond moment and forgot my 330. So I'm filling that beast out tomorrow and dropping it off then.
  9. lawman800
    05-24-2009 16:55
    Going back Tuesday after Memorial Day. The thing that sucks is I have to be off my motorcycle all 3 days while every one of my friends are riding. I am missing out on the first official riding weekend of summer. Old age sucks.

    What's the 330? Like a personality inventory or history statement?
  10. SpitFyRRe
    05-24-2009 09:38
    I'm glad you're doing ok! We had some pretty brutal heat over here as well. We hit 85-91 from Monday through Thursday.

    I've got some leads I'm pursuing. The form all agencies want is the 330 and some agencies require answers to three questions and I'm working on getting them finished up now.

    So are you back at work now?

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