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Conversation Between lawman800 and SpitFyRRe
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  1. lawman800
    05-21-2009 04:15
    Haha... yeah, I need to get fixed. Too many women out there just looking for the money nowadays. A brother with a job and benefits like me just might be appealing enough in this economy for them to get over my looks.

    Nothing major, just a few issues that the doctor felt needed taking care of before it gets aggravated.

    How's the job search going? Any good leads? It's getting so hot out here now. We've been at 80s and above all the time and it sucks sweating all day.
  2. SpitFyRRe
    05-20-2009 19:12
    What did you have surgery for? Did you get fixed? ;)
  3. lawman800
    05-13-2009 16:48
    I need to seriously get a life and stop playing with avatars. I just had some minor surgery but I am laid out for 7 days minimum. It feels like it might be longer. I can't walk faster than a shuffle.

    Glad you got some more seat time and ride alongs are great but man, when you do it for the first time for real and the realization hits you... that's when the fun starts. I remember, the first time I had to do a traffic stop, I was fumbling all over the place and I couldn't say one thing right on the radio. It just seems like so much stuff to do at once. My advice? Keep practicing at home. Write down some standard calls and how you would put out radio broadcasts. Practice. It will give you a leg up on FTO when you get on. I have faith in you, young apprentice. If not, LAPD is always hiring and females are still in demand. Just a thought.

    Dopebama will get you the money for LE, he just hasn't finished with the budget transfer from taking it out of our death benefits, that's all.
  4. SpitFyRRe
    05-13-2009 13:33
    Oh your avatar again, just makes me giggle. So I did a ride along in Minnesota last night. That was sweet. Saw my first felony stop and first SFST in the field (compared to the hotel where we were getting fools drunk). It was pretty cool. I'm looking into POST reciprocity because the department I rode with will be looking for two new officers soon and would like another female. Still putting in apps for part time just to get some experience, what happened to all this money obami was supposed to be putting into LE?
  5. lawman800
    04-30-2009 19:15
    Be patient, it does take some time, even if departments are hiring all over. The process takes 6 months on average, although I have heard anywhere from 3 months to a year.

    My skin has gotten better over the last 2 days now that most of the stress parts are over. Where are you racing this weekend?

    I'll post the Wal-Mart badge up on the social thread or something so you can see the full sized pic and copy it.
  6. SpitFyRRe
    04-30-2009 11:29
    It's not going as quickly as I'd like but that's part of life I suppose. Apparently, our Governor decided to give public safety $30 million, but I've yet to see any pick up in hiring yet.

    Yeah, stress can do funny things. I was breaking out around scenario time and I am a little bit now from trying to find a job. I don't think I've ever had a break out in my life until now haha. We've got motorcycle racing this weekend so I'm hoping that will help me relax a little bit.

    And the Wal-Mart badge is sweet. I love it.
  7. lawman800
    04-29-2009 19:29
    It's hard for me to find an avatar that captures the essence of "me" so I keep changing it. I may keep this Wal-Mart Receipt Checker badge for a while though. I think it's funny.

    Got through a busy period at work with all of our mass layoffs and now it's cleanup time with the fallout. I am breaking out all over my face like a teenager before prom night. Hopefully now that most of the stressful part is done, I can get my clean and clear Noxzema complexion back. I have been sleeping a lot too. Tired all the time. Getting old sucks.

    How's the job search going?
  8. SpitFyRRe
    04-29-2009 19:23
    I love your little icon thing. Every time you change it I just get a kick out of it. How's it going?
  9. lawman800
    04-10-2009 19:10
    AMA in May? You talking about Supercross or Motocross? We had the AMA Superbike last month. I am not much into AMA Superbike but this Sunday is FIM MotoGP. 230hp bikes weighing 320 pounds with top speeds reaching 215mph. Sounds exciting, no? 4pm EST on SpeedTV. It's truly incredible what those guys do on those bikes.
  10. SpitFyRRe
    04-10-2009 13:26
    So it sounds like I could be over in your neck of the woods from May 14-18, for the AMA races. I'll be in Pala Alto or Santa Rosa or some place over there. Are you going to check them out at all?

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