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Conversation Between lawman800 and SpitFyRRe
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  1. lawman800
    03-09-2009 18:55
    You sound like you got a good head on your shoulders but your dad made the right choice. I would have called the cops and then let the guy start a fight with me... yeah... as I defended myself while I made the citizen's arrest until the cops got there. He attacked your dad and your dad had no choice... yeah, I saw the whole thing. I've seen firsthand the effects of alcohol abuse. I got family members who are alcoholic as well as a few friends (and an ex-friend) who let alcohol get the best of them.
  2. SpitFyRRe
    03-09-2009 17:56
    Oh I got a kick out of that. That's a bad day right there. I love hearing the war stories from my instructors, even the sad ones. I know a guy who after bragging about not getting a DWI in MN finally got his first...and because he's a fricking moron, made it a felony DWI. I'm actually disappointed I didn't get to give it to him. I'm not friends with the guy, but I have a thing with people who drink and drive. My mom was hit by a drunk driver when she was pregnant with me and the jerkoff just left her there. My dad actually ended up seeing the car at a bar and instead of going in and spending the first 2-3 years of my life in jail, he opted to call the cops. I told him I would have forgave him if he missed the first couple years for that but he just laughed.
  3. lawman800
    03-09-2009 17:45
    I don't doubt it at all. I caught a few episodes of American Jail on cable last night and about 80% of the people in there are for public intoxication. Then they act the fool in jail and escalate the situation. I remember seeing a fairly graphic anti-drug movie in elementary school Health & Safety and it scarred me so bad that I never did drugs in my life. Speaking of funny, you gotta love the cop that ate the hash brownies with his wife and called 911 thinking that he is already DEAD. Yep, a guy who thinks he is DEAD but is able to ask for help on the phone. That is some bad weed!
  4. SpitFyRRe
    03-09-2009 17:24
    The stories are hilarious. I love the drunk ones that end up in an arrest. A state patrol ended up arresting a firefighter on a crash scene for having alcohol in his system at a crash site. He drove to the accident with the Firetruck (which WI doesn't require the driver to hold a CDL, but you have to follow all the CDL requirements, one of which is absolute sobriety while operating).
  5. lawman800
    03-09-2009 16:22
    Yes, the cannabis bars have all sorts of stuff, including pills that have the THC so you don't have to smoke a joint while you work. Compassionate medicinal marijuana is some great stuff... and now the President said he is not going to have the Feds come after the States which have that law.

    The drugs class was my favorite. It's funny to hear all the zonked out stories and such. As for drugs that impair driving? They all do one way or another as far as I am concerned.
  6. SpitFyRRe
    03-09-2009 13:06
    Do you know anything about the THC pills? I almost want to imagine they come out of your state :P

    So far it's not too bad, I'm only 5 hours in though, I'm actually enjoying it. We have 2 days of testing then we go to drugs that impair driving.
  7. lawman800
    03-05-2009 01:17
    What's SFST? You mean the field sobriety tests? Study up on not just the signs of inebriation but make sure you know how to articulate it concisely in the report why your training and experience indicates to you that the person is under the influence based on your objective observations. The standard tests for field sobriety are easy to learn and as long as you can combine that with the objective reasons why it gives you enough probable cause, you're good.
  8. SpitFyRRe
    03-04-2009 17:04
    That's messed up. All Cali has to do is whine to Obamamatron and they'll get money, that's what everybody's been doing, haha.

    We're starting SFST next week, anything I should be aware of??
  9. lawman800
    03-01-2009 20:51
    Nope. Sorry, nobody is as backwards as CA. We are in a $40B deficit and they raise taxes and double the reg fees. Yep, when people don't have money, you raise taxes, thus shrinking the market even more. That's why all the movies and industry have left the state. The tax structure here is ridiculous and you can't beat our politicians for worst in the country. Don't forget, we also have the 9th Circuit, the most overturned Appeals Circuit in the country.
  10. SpitFyRRe
    03-01-2009 12:49
    I think that's the way MN works as well. WI is goofy. You don't have to have insurance until you need it. It's all backwards in WI.

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