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Conversation Between lawman800 and SpitFyRRe
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  1. lawman800
    02-28-2009 17:38
    It makes me want to impound and tow cars that much more when I see bad drivers who are endangering others out there, especially the ones with no insurance. In CA, you can't register a car without proof of insurance. Not that people care, we have a huge population of drivers with no insurance and registration and we suck up the costs in uninsured motorist claims.
  2. SpitFyRRe
    02-28-2009 16:33
    Tell me about it. There's plenty of people in the Midwest who should not have driving privileges and yet they do. Whatver happened to survival of the fittest?
  3. lawman800
    02-26-2009 22:52
    The sad thing is technology is helping thwart Darwin & Natural Selection by keeping a lot of people alive who are otherwise not really equipped for the rigors of regular life.... like walking while forming a thought at the same time.
  4. SpitFyRRe
    02-26-2009 22:24
    Sounds like minneapolis when people drive with snow. I went up there last weekend and it had barely started snowing and I saw one car way up in a ditch and one that hit a concrete wall. All you can do is shake your head.
  5. lawman800
    02-26-2009 22:14
    Yeah, I am. But it's not too far from the truth. Any light sprinkling and everyone slows down 30mph on the freeway like they don't want their car to melt or something if they drove through water too fast. I see about 3-5 accidents every morning on my morning commute (45 minutes) when it rains. Sometimes it happens right in front of me. It's sad.
  6. SpitFyRRe
    02-26-2009 22:04
    you're kidding me right?
  7. lawman800
    02-26-2009 21:39
    Last week there was a traffic backup for about 2 hours because some joker left a dixie cup full of water in the middle of the freeway. Everyone panicked and didn't know what to do so everyone stopped and drove around it.
  8. SpitFyRRe
    02-26-2009 20:36
    I got a look but that was about it. People in the Midwest forget how to drive when they see a single snow flake it's terrible. It's like ok you've lived in WI for how long and you forget how to drive in 5 months?
  9. lawman800
    02-26-2009 20:29
    Did he like that response or did you have to repay the favor with 200 pushups? Crime definitely slows down here in the cold and the rain. We love it. But accidents go up. We can't drive in SoCal if there's so much as a drop of water on the road.
  10. SpitFyRRe
    02-26-2009 20:21
    we had schools closed for a couple of days because we were -25 or something like that. My instructors didn't care, told us to suck it up since crime doesn't stop for -25 degrees to which I responded, that's true, but I'll bet my ass it slows down!

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