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Conversation Between lawman800 and hank2
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  1. hank2
    09-15-2009 23:34
    i hate to say this to you. ..but you need to sit him down and get it inside his head that he need to do this now ..not at a later time ..by then it will be to late for him to do something about him ..
  2. lawman800
    09-15-2009 23:14
    I honestly don't know what's in his head right now. I don't want to push him yet. He is still wishing for a reconciliation.
  3. hank2
    09-15-2009 16:38
    hey just a quick follow up ..did you get the paperwork started with the person about changeing the last will and testment ..along with the doctor to sign off on the person state of mind when redoing the last will and testment ..it really needs to be done now time frame and not let the problem grow to out of control problem with her at the end of your friend life where the judge in court can say there was a problem with the will over his state of mind at the end of the man life ..this way its give a person a way to handle the problmes with there head held high..
  4. lawman800
    08-15-2009 10:58
    You don't mean... Commander S.P.?
  5. hank2
    08-14-2009 22:55
    hey you do know that person is now in the upper levels of the L.A.P.d.RANKS..and i would not like to get my butt beat up the first week back there for posting a picture of her and her partner after the fight that night ...
    so i will keep all personal photos off the website so i will not be beaten up by the people that are in those photos..
  6. lawman800
    08-14-2009 18:35
    I got faith in ya. Definitely keep me updated if you make it back to LA County.
  7. hank2
    08-14-2009 08:31
    i keep a look out and tell you when and where they are doing something in the future if i get in
  8. lawman800
    08-14-2009 08:18
    Yep, I believe it. It's a good job to get. Maybe after you get in, you can open the door for the rest of us.
  9. hank2
    08-14-2009 06:43
    would you belive i am sacred as heck on this move and i feel like i going back to the begining of my law enfocement days,,

    my bud laugh was laughing when i told him that on the phone he told go out and do you best and do not worry about it,,
  10. lawman800
    08-14-2009 00:25
    Dude! Best of luck to ya and I hope you get the job and come back to LA if that is what you really want.

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