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Conversation Between Animal Mother and wonderer
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  1. Animal Mother
    05-28-2009 02:36
    Animal Mother
    It was pretty amazing. I don't get in awe very much anymore, but the people who were there blew me away. It would have been ideal if Dr. Hawking could have made it, but it measured up to everything anyone could have hoped for. My take on the anthropic principle and fine tuning argument is usually that it's silly and I don't bother with it, but Dr. Davies wrote a book about it called the Goldilocks Enigma that seemed pretty good when I skimmed it. The Cosmic Jackpot is the same book with a different title, btw. There's also a session of the Origins Symposium that addressed it, the video is at http://origins.asu.edu/symposium/video/ It's panel 2 and from what I recall David Gross' position is probably closest to my own. Rather, since he has a Nobel and I don't, mine is closest to his.
  2. wonderer
    05-27-2009 09:20
    Hey AM,

    How was the Origins Conference? Man I would have loved to have been there.

    Would you give me your take on the fine tuning argument, or point me at what you see as an objective look at the question. (Preferably something that doesn't take a degree in physics to follow.)



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