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Conversation Between PghJim and 9mmParabellum
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  1. PghJim
    01-21-2014 05:15
    I really could not tell the difference in recoil between Underwood 9mm +p+ 124gr GD or Noslers than I could from Speer's 124gr +p offering. From my modified G19. It is noticeable in my Kahr PM9. I know that tnoutdooors9 said that the Underwood 124 gr GD +p+ does not cause anymore damage than the Speer 124gr +p. I had three people look at his videos comparing the two with the sound down and all three thought the Underwood 124gr GD +p+ showed significant greater damage in the Sim Test than the Speer 124gr +p, with about the same penetration. I do not know what is on tn's mind whether it is the need for new glasses or just a defense of the Speer product. It also upsets me a great deal that he will not test the Underwood +p+ 115 gr Nosler round in Sim test. He has this mistaken opinion that jacket separation is bullet failure. There are a lot of dead BG's shot with the 125gr SJHP 357 magnum with great fragmentation that he has yet to explain.
  2. 9mmParabellum
    07-08-2012 14:16
    PghJim, how is the recoil of Underwood Ammo 9mm 124gr +P+ compared to other 124gr you have fired and which weapon system are you firing it from?

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