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Conversation Between jrs93accord and ScrappyDoo
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  1. jrs93accord
    12-19-2010 17:30
    Thanks for the greatest compliment I have ever had. I will do my best to maintain your level of gratitude.


  2. ScrappyDoo
    12-19-2010 12:10
    Mr JRS,

    Best and baddest-ass, coolest collection on GT possibly the entire "teh' interwebz" ... Your armory is EXACTLY what I strive to have for when the North Korean cross-bred-Iranian communist mujabhaeen Zombies come to invade my neighborhood etc.

    Simply amazing. And thank you for your service, there are MANY 29 year old dudes out there that are very very thankful for your service, sacrifice, and freedom you and many others have provided to regular, patriotic and proud citizens like me. Despite the dooshbags that give us a bad name, some of us regular folk are very thankful AND very proud.

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