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Conversation Between survive1999 and bdcochran
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  1. bdcochran
    04-14-2011 15:57
    Consider that you can pasteurize water and cook food with nothing more than tinfoil and a pizza box.......

    My sister is a lot smarter than I. She relates that mammals are the laziest of animals and people are the laziest of mammals. I am lazy.

    I don't want to teach a kid to use foil and a pizza box. I want an 8 year old to operate a solar distillation unit afte shtf. Then I can do something more challenging. I am lazy.

    50 years ago, I lived in Los Angeles. I went deer hunting. 50 years later, I am not going to go deer hunting after shtf. I have traps in the backyard working 24/7. This year, it is over 13 squirrels, 3 opposum, and 1 rat. They will work for me after shtf. I am lazy.

    The challenge isn't to be self sufficient, it is to be self reliant. I don't want to use the pizza box. I want someone else to have a set up and do the work for me. (Big smile)

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