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Conversation Between meshmdz and CPT_CRUNCH
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  1. meshmdz
    01-17-2009 13:25
    thanks sir
    01-13-2009 14:41
    hey tuck, google DA PAM 600-3. it'll give you much insight on EOD (and all the other officer jobs too)
  3. meshmdz
    12-23-2008 22:48
    if i dont become an EOD officer, what else can i do in the OD branch?
    12-22-2008 11:26
    yeah it does kinda look hard. need to be on top of your class and then from what i read, timing has a lot to do w/ it too. one slot every two classes. good luck to you, i'd suggest contacting the OD school house before you report to training and of course talk to your branch manager. they might be able to help you w/ the timing issue. you can find both numbers on HRCs website.
  5. meshmdz
    12-19-2008 19:31
    thanks for the help sir. so if you meet the quals, is it HARD to become an EOD officer???
  6. meshmdz
    12-19-2008 19:07
    how is being a loggie going for ya SIR!!!!!
  7. meshmdz
    11-17-2008 21:58
    hey sir, thanks for the comment!!! Thats exactly what MAJ York here told me.. he is an OD officer, but now he is a Logistics officer. What is being a Loggie like? Pretty good job? I am wanting to do EOD. Think this is a possibility for me sir?

    And GO PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! we were right about it sir! Time to rally behind our new Leader and President!

    CDT Tucker
    11-17-2008 12:22
    FYI, my branch transfer was approved. i'm a loggie again. they branched me transportation but i've already been thru a captains course so i'm really log branch. you'll get the same deal and will be ordance until you complete CLC3. then you'll be log branch. hope all is well w/ you.

  9. meshmdz
    09-23-2008 20:36
    Hey sir, glad to see there are some other Obama supporters on GT. Great forum and tons of good guys here. We all like Glocks, regardless of our political views. I happen to be a Democrat myself so its good to see others in the Military (im a cadet, almost ready to commission) on here who are voting for Obama. Hooah!

    CDT Tucker

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