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Conversation Between eddief4 and G20man32904
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  1. eddief4
    01-22-2009 21:04

    i was just wonderin what ever happened to you!!!

    wow, that Gator sounds like a MONSTER!!! i wanna know how much that mount's ganna cost..and where's he's ganna put it!
    does he have a swimming pool?

    The huntin trip sucked. didn't see anything, hear anything......nothin. the deer left the area we were in 2-3weeks prior to us comin up. (you would have thought they would have told us that before hand!)
    it was cool though...i got to see snow for the first time. and i was there with my family, so it wasn't to bad. we left a few days early and spet some time seeing the rest of my family i havn't seen in years! we went into the city for the thanksgiving day parade (ended up watching it on TV 1 block away in a pub....it wasn't as packed.lol)

    other than that i'm just tryin to stock up on guns, ammo and mags ASAP! there's a PSL gunshow this weekend i'm ganna hit...can't wait.

    yo, i ordered a M1 Carbine from CMP a few months back. so whenever i get it we are hittin the range with an arsonal of guns!

    well, that's enough about me....how have you been?feelin better?
    what's the latest on your guns? get anything new and exciting? :-)
  2. G20man32904
    01-22-2009 20:49
    Yo Ed!!!
    How ya been kid? I just got your nov response like a week ago to my pm. What the He*^ is going on with this site? It's too hard for me to keep with all the changes around here so I havent been around much. Plus I lost 2 computers to electrical problems and am just getting back on line within the week.
    How did the huntin trip go?
    Tease me damnit!! One of my good buds up here got a 12ft 8inch 700lbs gator with a BOW about a month ago!!! Can you imagine? said it took 8 guys to secure it to the airboat!! He is having a full mount done so I cant wait to see it. Can't believe that monster was local.

    Anyway just checkin in with ya and I'll talk to ya later dood.


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