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Conversation Between Carrys and GlockmanPA
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  1. Carrys
    11-11-2009 11:47
    You're most welcome. I'm not a "wordsmith" as some here are, but I do the best I can. I've simply learned to think about what I wish to say, type it in, read it over, and then post it. You may be surprised what a few years of that will be able to do to the way you post. You stick at it, it'll come.

    And just a couple of things to keep in mind that I wish someone had told me in the start:

    Say what you mean, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone (no "personal" insults).

    1.Don't get too "carried away", the owner won't put up with much of that. We all have to follow his rules and the 1st Admendment here doesn't apply here. His house, his rules. Others have been banned from here.

    2.Don't get "offended" by another, no one here really knows you and many like to act as if they're "tough guys" on the 'net. Let some things slide.

    3.Don't let another draw you into an arguement, saying what you mean is ok, just don't let another make you "mad" and post something that gets you into trouble.

    4.Sometimes it's best to just let things go or let them lay altogether. It's just a 'net board after all.

    Don't mean to preach. Just a few things to remember. No need to lose good posters because no one told them.

    Carrys (nothing to do with firearms, that's why it looks mis-spelled)
  2. GlockmanPA
    11-10-2009 15:44
    Thank you so much for your post.

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