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Conversation Between BicycleDay43 and NMG26
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  1. NMG26
    05-07-2011 07:54
    Boy you are a FNG! LOL
    Sounds like fun though.
    No pictures from Desert Storm. I've never been sentimental enough to take and save pictures.
    Fort Benning in June! That will be fun and like the hottest part of the year. What is your MOS going to be? You can PM if you like. I could not see the video on your PM from my smart phone. I have not looked at it yet on my computer. The wife is usually hogging our PC.
  2. NMG26
    05-06-2011 21:04
    Interesting........I am typing on a smart phone right now.....kinda slow. I was on an M1A1 TANK with the 3rd ACR. As an E5 I was the loader. My unit had two skermishes that really did not take that long to gain the upper hand. An Abrams tank battalion was a pretty comfortable way to go to war. Easy and quick......then we where home. Got out a year later......turned down BNCOC and ended up going to college on the GI BILL and Army College fund.

    What is the DEP?

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