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Conversation Between Thx-1138 and johnd
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  1. johnd
    12-27-2010 15:47
    saw your post about age and the FHP new Glock 45GAP issue...that is how I got started, as an FHP Auxiliary Officer. Here in FLA they are the same as the career troopers, there are about 200 of them and they can and do do everything the career troopers do except they do it for nothing.
    The ONLY difference in their equipment is they have a flash "auxiliary" on their shoulder under the FHP logo and they wear contrasting pants versus same color pants for the career ones. They are fully certified and are on the same training and recert schedule as the career troopers.
    You are never too old to " go into" Law Enforcement, I did it in my 50s via the FHP AUX. It took just over 2 years to do the Academy part time and they paid. The 33 year limit is for Federal positions and has no bearing on State and local LE.

    Good luck, check out the "reserves" and the auxiliary in your area,

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