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Conversation Between Steve Koski and jcbarlow
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  1. jcbarlow
    11-21-2008 17:38
    Hey Steve. I don't know if you remember me, but I have met you a few times (bought a couple of glock mags and helped you out at the UDPL match you ran two last month or so).

    I'm going to get a reloader for Christmas and birthday. I have looked at the Lee Anniversary because it's so much cheaper. Should I stay away from it? I have also seen the Lyman, RCBS and Hornady single stage presses. You have any suggestions? I just bought the Lyman reloading handbook and I thought I would try loading some of the suggestions in there. I know you shoot a Glock 35 at least sometimes. What loads work for you that are on the lighter side? Also, where/how do you buy your components here locally to get the best deal?

    Sorry to bug you, I just know you are a great local source for this info.

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