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Conversation Between Oldskoolfan and RKOK
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  1. RKOK
    12-27-2008 13:54
    Yes, you can join both rites. In order to join the Shriners, you must be a member of one of them and advanced to the last degree. I have heard tell that some lodges and even the Shriners have relaxed some of the requirements in order to get more members. I pay my dues now, but seldom attend. I do participate in the Shriners gatherings from time to time. Wichita Falls has a private shooting range!
  2. Oldskoolfan
    12-26-2008 23:59
    I would like to join the various rites. I think I would like to join the Knights Templar. I am also interested in the Shriners. I am going to head baack to school soon to meet with my instructor. To be honest I would like to head as far as I can.

    I did notice that the majority of Masons seem to be older. I would like to see younger people getting involved. I am 27 and one of the younger members.

    I would like ot know if I join the Scottish Rite, can I join the York rite?
  3. RKOK
    12-26-2008 23:33
    I am a Master Mason from the same lodge I sent you. It is good to have an a new one. The fraternity is slowly eroding and young blood is good. Do you have plans to advance beyond Master?
  4. Oldskoolfan
    12-25-2008 01:25
    I am an Entered Apprentice in Normal IL. Lodge #673.
  5. RKOK
    12-25-2008 00:10
    I am from the masonic order #873, Wichita Falls, Texas. You?

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