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Conversation Between chkin11 and luv2brode
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  1. luv2brode
    01-15-2009 01:29
    yeah to do it right you also need the extractor, but i have yet to hear of anyone actually needing on, they all seem to do just fine with stock extracor. i agree try the barrel and mags and see if you get any extraction issues.
  2. chkin11
    01-15-2009 00:43
    haha, thanks. hey i have a glock 27 and want to convert it (part time) to 9mm. im under the understanding that i would need a 26 barrel and a 26 ejector plus a mag, OR a lone wolf conversion barrel. this sound right to you? i think i will just go for the conversion barrel from lone wolf and a mag.
  3. luv2brode
    01-13-2009 00:33
    no messages, what a shame.
    i will be your friend . lol

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