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Conversation Between Fire_Medic and jellis11
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  1. jellis11
    08-06-2011 05:48
    I'm on a small department too. It's one of the islands off Charleston, SC. The wife and I are thinking of where we are gonna go. We have a 9 month old and the schools are pretty terrible here. No clue to where we would go though.
  2. Fire_Medic
    08-05-2011 17:49
    Where is up there? Yes I work for a small department on one of the barrier islands in Miami. I am tired of living down here and want to move, trying to get the wife on board.
  3. jellis11
    08-05-2011 17:38
    I feel the same way about that. *messing with carry guns*
    Are you on the FD down in FL? We have a kid that just came up here from Orlando and got hired.
  4. Fire_Medic
    08-05-2011 15:21
    Yeah not too much action over there. I just say that sometimes, because people ask for an opinion, then when you give it they want to argue because you didn't say what they want to hear. I just don't like fudging with carry guns too much is all. To each their own.
  5. jellis11
    08-05-2011 12:56
    Hey man. Was just reading and you had made a comment then ended it with whatever "im just a dumb fireman" I laughed out loud. That's usually how I end conversations with people when I know I'm right. Just thought I'd say hey as I always look on the FF medic forum and there aren't too many things.

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