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  1. Burque-IL
    06-12-2014 15:17
    Ah...Ft. Knox then?
  2. Burque-IL
    06-02-2014 18:08
    Howdy, Bren.

    Would it be accurate to assume that you were/still are a Ft. Campbell Soldier?
  3. tonyparson
    09-22-2011 10:12
    Bren your a guy I would get along with.. Thanks for your service!!!
  4. crsuribe
    08-04-2011 11:50
    Man, I wish I could subscribe to your comments like I can ignore others. Your dark, dry sense of humor is very entertaining to me.

    Thanks for your service!
  5. chickenwing
    01-25-2011 09:07
    Hi Bren,

    Just so you know, you are to the left of this DU troll on the political scale.

    So get your terminology right, a proper, more fitting insult would be anarchist fringe right winger.

    Have a wonderful day and stay safe.


    Thanks for your service.
  6. Bren
    11-07-2009 01:29
    Wow - who even knew Glocktalk had this "Viisitor Message" thing

    jtull7 - holy crap, you must have seen an entirely different BAC1023 than I have for the past couple of years. I've mostly seen the guy who jumpps iinto the middle of every thread to brag about a gun collection he claims to have and to advise everyone looking for a gun for defense, etc., to buy something eexpensive, whether it works or not. I think gun coollectors would be best off giving advice on collecting.

    Jake Starr - Thanks, but I don't go to church if I can help it - not even for weddings. Also, I can't help with the lawyer part because I only represent government agencies/employees. There are a number of Louisville Attorneys with an interest in firearms and such, but I don't have any contact info on hand, as I am currnetly in Afghanistan.
  7. jtull7
    11-01-2009 19:01

    Bren, I read your post with incredulity. How can anyone diss BAC? He is a kind, self-effacing, modest gun collector, who is a mainstay of GT, who probably has the finest collection of pistols on GT, and who is always willing to try to answer a newbie's question.

    Of all the people on GT to diss, BAC is not the one. I think you owe him a public apology. It's the right thing to do.

  8. fmhuff
    03-29-2009 01:47
    Bren, I like what you said about the Glock bashing trolls. They do nothing constructive and the only thing that makes them happy is when they're pissin people off. A number of people on other combat training forums mentioned how glocktalk had gone down hill due to these people. For me personally, I come for the fellowship and to learn something, not to listen to pigs squeel.

    Thanks again, fmhuff.
  9. Jake Starr
    01-27-2009 10:52
    Jake Starr
    So if I had a church oriented open carry day would you attend?
  10. Jake Starr
    10-31-2008 06:13
    Jake Starr
    I reside in SW Louisville. I am currently a CCDW instructor and am looking to find a local attorney that I may use as a contact person for those who take my classes. Do you know of any contacts in Lou. or are you interested?
    Don't hold it against me but I am former USMC.

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