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  1. nitesite10mm
    05-15-2015 08:39
    Hello, my brother.


    I recall a well-written article you presented several years ago about a police shootout against an entrenched rifleman armed with a Lee-Enfield British rifle. IIRC there was an officer with a 1911 whose shots were placed at distance which were just over his head. Is there any site where I can locate that article and study it in more detail?

    Thank you, Sir.

    Dave Stults
    Town Creek PD
  2. finfoo
    04-29-2015 18:11
    Hello Sir:

    I recently read your article about hair triggers, and how the Glock 34 and 35 are 4.5 lb and are competition guns. I have the Glock 41 and it also has the 4.5 lb. I could have a gunsmith put a 5.5 lb trigger in to match the duty guns, but am wondering if this trigger issue is one for carry guns only or for home defense guns? I had been primarily using it for home defense, now thinking otherwise. Thanks for your time, I know you are a busy guy, and I am enjoying your latest book!

  3. 219Dave
    02-13-2015 19:21

    I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I used to be a State's Attorney in Miami, and you and I had dinner together at a Thai Restaurant in Miami in around 1997-1999. I think you were down there testifying as an expert in a trial or something, and a friend of mine named Ed introduced us and a group of us had dinner at Thai House II on Biscayne Blvd in North Miami. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
  4. S&WM&PAR15T&G34
    06-26-2014 08:38

    Do you have any upcoming training for an old crippled guy?

    Jon Hunt
  5. GRR
    01-15-2014 15:48
    Thanks so much!

    Randy Robinson
  6. Mas Ayoob
    01-15-2014 15:43
    Mas Ayoob
    GRR, it does fit the box.
  7. GRR
    01-15-2014 12:51
    When you were reviewing the G41, did you happen to check and see if it would fit in the IDPA Box? I would have posted the question in the forums, but I didn't know which ones you normally look at. Thanks in advance.
    Randy Robinson
  8. Mudshark100
    09-07-2013 19:28
    Mr. Ayoob: In a number of your books, you mention guns that were "turned" by so-in-so. What does turning a gun mean?
  9. SCmasterblaster
    04-21-2013 17:04
    So when do you think you'll be back in NH?
  10. Sensai
    03-06-2013 07:09
    Mr. Ayoob, I recently read on another forum about a traffic stop where the officer asked the driver if there were any firearms in the car. The driver responded, yes, two in my gun bag and one on my right hip. The officer then asked the driver to hand him/her the gun on his hip which happened to be a cocked and locked 1911. The poster thought it quit funny that the officer didn't know how to unload the gun and handed it back to him, and asked him to remove the round from the chamber. The officer didn't know you can't rack the slide with the safety on. This was handled wrong on so many levels in my mind. Both used poor judgement and it was done in an unsafe manner for both. The LEO asking him to hand the loaded gun ot the window to him/her was dangerous. Trying to unload it without being familiar with it was dangerous. Handing it back loaded was wrong. In my opinion this should have been handled very differently on both sides. You're thoughts.


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