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  1. hank2
    09-15-2009 23:34
    i hate to say this to you. ..but you need to sit him down and get it inside his head that he need to do this now ..not at a later time then it will be to late for him to do something about him ..
  2. hank2
    09-15-2009 16:38
    hey just a quick follow up ..did you get the paperwork started with the person about changeing the last will and testment ..along with the doctor to sign off on the person state of mind when redoing the last will and testment really needs to be done now time frame and not let the problem grow to out of control problem with her at the end of your friend life where the judge in court can say there was a problem with the will over his state of mind at the end of the man life ..this way its give a person a way to handle the problmes with there head held high..
  3. hank2
    08-14-2009 22:55
    hey you do know that person is now in the upper levels of the L.A.P.d.RANKS..and i would not like to get my butt beat up the first week back there for posting a picture of her and her partner after the fight that night ...
    so i will keep all personal photos off the website so i will not be beaten up by the people that are in those photos..
  4. hank2
    08-14-2009 08:31
    i keep a look out and tell you when and where they are doing something in the future if i get in
  5. hank2
    08-14-2009 06:43
    would you belive i am sacred as heck on this move and i feel like i going back to the begining of my law enfocement days,,

    my bud laugh was laughing when i told him that on the phone he told go out and do you best and do not worry about it,,
  6. hank2
    08-12-2009 04:10
    i fly out there at the end of the month to talk to both sides so wish me luck
  7. SpitFyRRe
    08-10-2009 06:12
    Hey stranger how goes it???
  8. hank2
    08-06-2009 11:51
    the da office people just call and work me up out of a dead sleep and was trying ask me some question i told that you work me up and give about 10 mins to get my c---togerther and call me back then...

    mark foregot to tell them i work the night shift and was asleep at the time they called

    the person on the other line was funny when she had work me up and i was not talking to her like i would normaly talk to some one..

    i thought it was linda and she had foregot her key for the front door ..

    i told the lady who i thought was linda that was on the phone you better be buck naked under the jacket when i answer the door..

    she said her name and who she worked for again that when i came completely a wake and was trying to tell her i am sorry and she just laugh and you work nights i see and you your friend mark did call you last night that we might be calling in the next couple of days....

    no mam.. i told her..

    i ask her to call back in about 1o.mins to get completely a wake and fuctioning right before we talk again ..

    truth her would she called back in 10.mims on the dot ..

    i amswered the phone a whole lot better this time,,

    she was laughing when she was asking some more questions and why did i leave the sheriff dept ..was i ever had any problems anywhere.. etc etc etc..

    we talked for about 20 ,mins..

    i told them everything that they wanted to know

    when we where saying goodbye on the phone she said this to me have you go lay backdown have a good sleep and she allso said say hi to linda for me

    she said that there sending me a packet with everything in that i have to do and get sign off on to join the da office and she i would have to go though a comeplete background check again and do some other things as well ,,

    you think i blew it with them over the way i answered the phone before i had woke up..

    for my job come to end here in oct when the guy that iam filling in for come back for active duty then..
  9. hank2
    08-05-2009 22:44
    he seam to think that i can i get back on the dept ..he allso told about the LOS ANGLES DISTRICT ATTORNEYS OFFICE Bureau of Investigation office and he told me to give him all the info that he need this afternoon i faxed over everything that he wanted..
    mark said at my age he said the da boi job would be a better choice of job for me ,,so he going over there and drop off the info to the guy he knows over there....
    he seam to think that my age now at 50.years ago might be my only problem ..
  10. hank2
    08-05-2009 07:41
    i got a email from a old buddy on the laso and he was wondering if i would like to try and come back to the sheriff dept and get rehired out there..

    i left on good times with the sheriffs office after my wife pass away in 97 and was thinking about comeing back for a couple of years out there..

    i sent email to my buddy and ask him what would i be doing in the dept again ..

    i should be hearing back here in a couple of days..

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