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  1. The Cavalry
    04-17-2010 16:13
    The Cavalry
    "It's funny that gun owners deny that there is a gun-show loophole when they know FTF sales happen at gun shows." -- FLIPPER 348
  2. The Cavalry
    04-17-2010 14:33
    The Cavalry
    "We Obama fans are happy the tea party folks have embraced (Palin)." -- FLIPPER 348
  3. The Cavalry
    04-07-2010 08:40
    The Cavalry
    Obama wins time after time.... economic stimulus, health care, student loans, equal pay for women, Russian missile treaty, Supreme Court nominee, etc, etc. And you pretend to yourselves that he is weak and ineffective. He's just getting started. And you are further from power than ever. -- duckintheface
  4. The Cavalry
    03-28-2010 16:51
    The Cavalry
    would like to see government replace insurance companies completely. I think that would be much more efficient .... and yes I've seen it work in Europe. -- duckintheface
  5. The Cavalry
    02-27-2010 08:41
    The Cavalry
    Because if you don't know about gay sex, how would you know about straight sex? -- duckintheface
  6. The Cavalry
    02-23-2010 19:12
    The Cavalry
    I actually agree the Obama is blowing it, but not because he's a muslim, socialist, markist, fascist, blah blah blah. You hurt your own case by such extremist and conspiratorial claptrap. Europe - who has a number of very conservative governments see Obama as center-right. -- Evela
  7. The Cavalry
    02-21-2010 08:06
    The Cavalry
    If you want to claim government theft, I think you will have to somehow support the claim that people actually earn the money they receive. Since it is the government funded infrastructure of schools, roads, water and sewer, national defense, banking systems etc, etc that make ANY commerce possible, it is clear that people who make a lot of money literally OWE the country a debt. -- duckintheface
  8. The Cavalry
    02-21-2010 08:05
    The Cavalry
    The majority of the people in the US and the majority of the House and Senate support a public option. The reason it didn't pass is that any bill takes 60 votes in the Senate now. -- duckintheface
  9. The Cavalry
    02-21-2010 08:03
    The Cavalry
    'I've concluded that there will never be a functioning free market in health care and that it in fact is a right of every American citizen to have adequate health care.' -- duckintheface
  10. The Cavalry
    01-02-2010 07:05
    The Cavalry
    'I actually prefer a direct carbon tax to the highly bureaucratic and politically vulnerable cap and trade. The nice thing about a tax is that it does not try to micromanage HOW the reduced carbon usage is achieved but leaves it to the market to decide.' -- duckintheface

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