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galupo 04-10-2009 07:49

Where is 9mm
Any one have a good place to get 9mm close to NYC or a good source online that ships to nyc?

maksim 04-10-2009 23:46

check any dicks sporting goods... just picked up 2 boxes today.

maksim 04-10-2009 23:49

also, if you come down to bordentown... sportsmans center had quite a few... but it was 147grain.

galupo 04-12-2009 07:12

Still no go on the ammo lately...

maksim 04-30-2009 00:03

Most of the stores now have them. Albeit pricey.

Also, check out Cabela's... online seem to have all in stock. another forum member from NH saw a local shop completely full, and others getting a ton of deliveries.

bklynshooter 04-30-2009 12:28

No online ammo supplier will ship to NYC - at least not one I know of. They require an address outside of the 5 Boroughs.

Regarding Cabela's - be careful when you order. I ordered a case of 9mm target ammo six weeks ago. Delivery date has been pushed back twice and I am now expecting delivery (pending availability) in mid-May.

Vlad6525 04-30-2009 13:10

They don't ship ammo to NYC...

Vlad6525 04-30-2009 13:11

Try Rosebank Sports:

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