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California Jack 06-15-2009 19:25

Orange Diver- Doxa 1000T or Stowa Prodiver?
Which and why?

SPG 06-16-2009 00:38

Doxa.....Like Dirk :cool:

gruntmedik 06-16-2009 17:33

While the Stowa is a schweet watch, I would have to choose the Doxa. They've been doing orange dive watches since 1967, plus it has a dive table on the bezel.

Powder 06-19-2009 18:26

For actual diving use or just posing........:supergrin:

California Jack 06-19-2009 18:45

I prefer the term desk diving.:whistling:

Powder 06-19-2009 19:08


Originally Posted by California Jack (Post 13209278)
I prefer the term desk diving.:whistling:

Well, if you are not concerned about the actual diving capabilities then just get the one you like the best.:smoking:

California Jack 06-22-2009 16:27

I have decided on........................... neither.

I appreciate the input however.

Hey Powder, if it was a for diving, which would you have recommended?

gruntmedik 06-22-2009 22:38

So, what made you decide against them? Whatcha gonna get instead?

Crusher47 06-23-2009 07:05

Which one did ya get? Seiko Orange Monster? :)

California Jack 06-25-2009 20:26

I decided the prodiver is too big. I decided against the Doxa because of the bezel. I do not think I can read the elapsed time without reading glasses as it is too small. Also, in case you want to rmove the bezel, it requires a proprietary tool. I do not like that idea,

I am thinking about hot rodding an SXX007 or monster instead, with an orange MKII SAT dial, AR sapphire and finding someone that can put an 6r15 in it. That may quench my desire for am orange watch.

Howeverm I'll keep my mind open to other suggestions.

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