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tecolote 07-12-2009 11:58

G17 with interesting suppressor(?)
Here's a link I came across:


The G17 appears to have a box-type suppressor,but what struck me is what might be a Glock logo on the side.Does anybody know anything about a possible Glock OEM suppressor?


santo 07-12-2009 20:10

Wow, good find. I'm interested in the answer as well. That's a nice supressor!

tango44 03-25-2012 21:16

Heres one for the G21:

Glock & Awe 04-17-2012 12:48

Im guessing these are for LE only, maybe not even here in US. would be stupid to pay a $200 tax stamp for 15-25 suppressed shots. Im curious to know if glock makes a OEM suppressor that isnt throw away and made of steel. its pretty cool that it looks like a Glock slide. would love to have a used one someone threw away just for the cool factor.

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