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Jager1147 09-01-2009 19:55

Jager Products Open / GSSF Kits in .40 !
Glock Open Division / GSSF Kit Now Available in .40 Caliber Too!
Convert your Glock G17 or G22 to an Open Division / GSSF Race Gun in minutes!
Starting as low as $469.65

No Gunsmithing! With Jager Products Open Division /GSSF conversion kit, you can install all components yourself with no need to send your gun to a gunsmith. There are no permanent changes to your gun, so you can easily switch back to stock configuration. Unlike 1911 / 2011 style pistols, Glock parts are interchangeable from gun to gun. No extractor or ejector tuning, no lowering of the ejection port, and no slide tightening! No drilling of your frame!

Better accuracy! The loose slide to frame fit designed into all Glock pistols inhibits accuracy when using a frame mounted optic. A slide mounted optic will give much better accuracy since only the barrel to slide fit is important. And also improving accuracy, the sight is much lower to the bore. The transition from open sights to using a red dot sight is easy!

Kit includes:

•9mm Barrel (KKM, Lone Wolf or Jager)
•Jager Compensator
•Jager hardened steel guide rod
•ISMI recoil spring
•JP Enterprises JPoint red dot sight 8moa
•JP Enterprises JPoint Glock adapter for sight

(Actual retail value for the above items: $672.75)

.40 Caliber kit for not currently shown on the website, but you can order it in 9mm and send along an e-mail asking for the substitution to .40 caliber. Lone Wolf barrel only in .40

Thanks, jager

Pharoah Bender 09-27-2009 19:28

Thought I would post a few videos of the Jager kit in action:

Now with videos!

Pharoah Bender 09-27-2009 19:30

Pharoah Bender 09-27-2009 19:30

Pharoah Bender 09-27-2009 19:31

And here is some video from the Miami Rifle and Pistol club in Cinci Ohio that I shot today:

Jager1147 10-02-2009 20:22

Thanks for adding the links to the videos!

Jager1147 03-16-2010 15:23

We now use the New C-More STS sights with our kits. This is the only slide ride sight where you can change the battery without removing the sight from the gun, and has a glass lens.

Thanks, jager

BobTorre 04-24-2010 21:08

I have the same kit from Jager,,, I have the kkm barrel. Do you mind sharing your load.

Jager1147 04-28-2010 18:46

Hey Bob,

WSF or HS-6 over a 125 JHP would be a good way to go.

BobTorre 06-01-2010 08:52

any one has any ideas or pictures on how to create a shimm for the SLB to increase the extractor tension,,, Anything would be helpfull. Please don't offer any non-shimm related advise. I have tried diffrent SLBs... shimm stuff por favor.

72Stick 01-31-2011 06:04

View Video
How do you play these videos? I have a Photobucket account, but the video's are asking for your password. I'm considering a Jager kit for my G22.



Originally Posted by Pharoah Bender (Post 13863610)
Thought I would post a few videos of the Jager kit in action:

Now with videos!

Jager1147 01-31-2011 12:25

I've asked the author to correct the links - hope to have this soon!

Pharoah Bender 01-31-2011 15:02

I apologize for the bum are a set of new ones with video of myself shooting a G17 with the Jager Open kit:

Pharoah Bender 01-31-2011 15:06

72Stick 02-01-2011 18:42

Very cool! Thx for fixin the videos!

I want to use my G22 in 3gun major PF open competition. This looks like a great option. I'm torn between this set up and the SJC home build kit.

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