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Hooah 09-27-2009 02:20

Moving to Fort Rucker
Have a chance to go to Ft Rucker and thinking about taking it since I am from AL, but never been to L.A. (lower Alabama).

Any tips for places to rent, houses or apartments. No real price limit but looking around 500-900 close to Fort Rucker.

Any good gun shops around?

Any places worth visiting?

Any members live close or gun ranges close by? Does Rucker have a range for POWs (privately owned weapons)?


whiteknight3633 10-22-2009 23:39

I apologize for being almost a month late. I don't come in here very much anymore. Maybe you will still find these answers useful to you.

I live on the Enterprise side of Ft. Rucker.

Regarding housing, for upwards of $800-$900 it shouldn't be any problem getting a nice apartment and quite possibly a house in Enterprise, Daleville, or Ozark (that's the 3 towns surrounding Ft. Rucker). Of the 3, Enterprise is the largest and arguably the nicest.

Places worth visiting: None to my knowledge.

Gun Shops:

Cliff's Gunshop in Ozark has quite a bit of reloading supplies and a fair selection of firearms, he is also a gunsmith.

Ordnance Depot in Daleville has a decent selection of firearms and they have an Indoor Pistol range.

Lock-n-Load just outside the Enterprise gate has a small selection of firearms and they also have an indoor range.

Finally, you have Po'Boys in Dothan. They have the best selection of firearms.

Gun ranges/POW range:

Partially answered in the gunshop listings but you also have Tri-State Gun Club in Level Plains (I am a life-member here). Outside range, 22 acres, IDPA,IPSC/USPSA, Falling Plates, Heavily Modified Skeet, NRA High Power matches, etc. Max distance is 100 yds, no max caliber for general plinking (individual matches have limits).

Finally, Ft. Rucker does indeed have a POW range located on AL 27 between Enterprise and Ozark.

Again, sorry for being late but I hope this helps.

Feel free to shoot me a PM and I will help all I can, especially where TSGC is concerned.

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