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drider 10-29-2009 20:22

College budget cuts, is hitting hard.
Who else is having a hard time getting classes and what not? Lots of students, little classes, lots of money. College is a tough time sounds weird but true, delays in graduation etc.. man anyone else. :steamed:

DriBak 11-04-2009 15:11

Hang in there. I finished my bachelors degree 23 years after high school graduation.

GREY-GHOST 11-17-2009 17:16

Me, too. Add ammo to that list. haha

gunrunner0 12-14-2009 13:43

The way my college set up the plan of study for my history degree I would not be able to complet all of the requirements in 4 years while taking 15 credit hours a semester, I would come out like 3 classes short, luckily my high school had a goop AP program and I was able to get 12 college credits in high school, making up for the defecit. Sometimes I think that the university forgets thats its here to teach students and not just make money off of them.

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