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SilverBullet_83 11-05-2009 10:10

thought it was time to share
I have been patiently waiting to by this rifle. well a couple of months ago I had to sell my 210g saltwater tank and the funds from that gave me a kickstart. Well the patients got to me and I had to buy it in 2 halves, even though both are stag arms. I paid for the upper last week, so there will not be any pictures for that as of it yet. The upper is a stag arms 2h.

gsdrulz 11-05-2009 22:46

Congrats!!!! Just need to get started on my own build now.

SilverBullet_83 11-06-2009 10:56

I have wanted to get into firearms for a very long time, finally last year I took the step. now, I had a chance to start this build and just waiting on the upper

Fireman1291 11-06-2009 11:12

Off to a great start!

madecov 11-06-2009 19:58

STAG is a fine firearm. I've carried a model 2 on duty for over two years and gone to several high intensity trainings with it. Never an issue.

SilverBullet_83 11-06-2009 23:03

guess it will have to keep the sights it is coming with for awhile as christmas is around the corner and my wifes birthday the next month

Roostmonkey 11-07-2009 05:04

Been saving for mine too! Picking up a 6920 on Monday. I thought the day would never come! Congrats on the new rifle!

SilverBullet_83 11-07-2009 10:55

Roughly another week, getting anxious. Been seriously trying to get one for the past year or so. Hope I made a decent choice for my first

HAIL CAESAR 11-07-2009 20:55

Stag is a great rifle. Congratulations!

SilverBullet_83 11-29-2009 14:52

the anticipation is starting to kill me. still have not recieved the upper, but the site said that it could take up to 3 weeks for it to come in and this tuesday will be 3.

Kegel 11-29-2009 15:46

You sold a 210 gallon salt water tank for a stag? :crying:

smokin762 11-29-2009 15:47


Originally Posted by SilverBullet_83 (Post 14254095)
the anticipation is starting to kill me. still have not recieved the upper, but the site said that it could take up to 3 weeks for it to come in and this tuesday will be 3.

I know how you feel. I had to wait for six weeks for my upper from Rock River. I felt like I was going to explode from anticipation.

I almost bought a Stag Lower before I bought my RRA lower. The Stags are nice guns. The only reason I went with the RRA was it already had the 2 Stage trigger in it and that was what made it the deal breaker for me.

Enjoy your new Rifle.

Here is a Picture of mine.

SilverBullet_83 11-29-2009 15:50


Originally Posted by Kegel (Post 14254427)
You sold a 210 gallon salt water tank for a stag? :crying:

not exactly. My job slowed down a lot so I had no choice. and trust me I about cried when I did. I now have another job and if I would have held out would have been fine, but whats done is done

dc2integra 11-29-2009 22:46

keep us updated :cool:

SilverBullet_83 12-02-2009 12:08

Well looks like its gonna be a couple more weeks. Just talked to him and apparently he has been sick with pneumonia for the past few weeks. I did call stag to make sure he is a distributor/ retailer tho.

SilverBullet_83 12-07-2009 12:43

Today I got some bad news. It appears that he didn't receive the money order after all. Does anyone have any experience with dealing with the post office on these matters? I just talked to him on my way to work, so I'm not able to stop in until tomorrow and all the phone message says is I have to take in the reciept and it will be 5 dollars.

SilverBullet_83 12-19-2009 11:51

just have to wait on the 60days to be up before I hear something back from the post office about the money order.

furioso2112 12-19-2009 21:42

stag has a great rep from what I've read over the last couple years...perhaps AKpopo will chime in, he seems to have an opinion on the quality of many AR component things (and, whether you agree with it or not, he backs up with evidence as to how he arrived at his decision, so if nothing more, it is at least info to consider).

SilverBullet_83 12-31-2009 01:01

this is starting to become a huge hassle. the postal service says that the money order was cashed on nov 4th. I called him yesterday to tell him this and he said he would make good on it. he said he would be shipping out the upper along with a few magazines to make up for the hassle I have had to deal with. lets see if it actually happens this time.

HAIL CAESAR 12-31-2009 01:11

Who is this guy???

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