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drider 12-04-2009 22:15

How are the Mossberg Maverick 88's?

Pepiot 12-04-2009 22:22

Great. Love mine just as much as his brother the 500. I will admit the only thing the 500 has over the 88 is safety location. Equal other than that.

drider 12-05-2009 01:48

I have a question on the safety location. It's not detailed but one of my buddy has a mossberg 20' barrrel, wood stocks. Beautiful 12 guage, but the safety is broken, but the gun still functions. And my question is, what is the deal with mossberg putting the safety in different places? Would you not hesitate recommending buying this gun for self preservation, and target shooting if needed?

Ranger_Rick 12-05-2009 06:22

Its a functional reliable shotgun. I will say,however, if you have any intention of changing the forend (not that you need to), get a regular 500.

I believe the mav 88's forend is permanently molded to the slide action bars, so you would need to replace the whole forend tube assembly.

With the 500, you simply have to unscrew a forend nut and the forend slides off.


TxGun 12-05-2009 08:16

"Would you not hesitate recommending buying this gun for self preservation, and target shooting if needed?"

Why? You learn your particular shotgun. You practice with it. Are you going to forget where the safety is? Other shotguns have their safety on the trigger guard as the Maverick does. It's common. The Mossberg 500, and the Browning BPS for another, have safeties on the top rear of the receiver. Choose the system you like best.

aippi 12-05-2009 14:21

For Home defense, as in some guy just broke in and has a crow bar and is rushing you to crush your skull?

I look at it like this. Say I need a heart Transplant. I can pick one of two doctors to do the operation. A doctor who just finished his residency or a doctor who has been doing this same surgery for 20 years and has hundred of sucessfull results.

Pick one. With the Maverick being the rookie and the doctor with all the proven experience being the 590 or 870.

drider 12-05-2009 16:12

Yea it's true, start with a good platform 870 all the way or 590.

AF-Odin 12-05-2009 16:27

My son loves his Maverick, but YIKES, $199 on sale. Around here, they are normally about $189 regularly and frequently show up for $169 on sale. However, this is the Soverign Republic of Texas, not California.

Deaf Smith 12-05-2009 18:24

I've owned the Maverick, and if you are going to use those AR style stocks, I'd rather get the Maverick than the 500 or 590 due to the safety location.

But I prefer tang safties so I can shoot eather left or right sided.

Still if I was on a super tight budget, the Maverick backed by a good used .38 will get you through the night.


AaronT 12-05-2009 21:32

its a fine shotgun. the 88.

Joshhtn 12-05-2009 21:46

LOVE my Maverick!!... I have a 18 1/2" barrel for home and a 28" for field... Fantastic shotgun at a Fantastic price!!... I have had this thing in all kinds of weather and have even dropped it in about 4' of water and mud while duck hunting and still managed to kill a bunch!... Have owned it for about 4yrs and have put FAR to many shells through her to count!

mixflip 12-05-2009 22:07

I love my $199 Maverick 88 too!!!

drider 12-05-2009 23:52

Some of you guys are making me think twice, i don't know much about shotguns, but i hear that having twin row rods on the pump is a good thing?So less jams if there was any?

mixflip 12-06-2009 02:08

Most pump shotguns have double actuating rods and double extractors nowadays but the Mossberg Maverick 88 really is a good bang for the buck at $199 or less. Shotguns dont need to be super sophisticated with ultra tight tolerances. My 88 can blow a huge hole in a target the exact same size as a $1000+ Benelli or FNH.

sambeaux2249 12-06-2009 17:11


Originally Posted by drider (Post 14292509)
Some of you guys are making me think twice, i don't know much about shotguns, but i hear that having twin row rods on the pump is a good thing?So less jams if there was any?

Mavericks have dual action bars. Have had dual action bars for years now. The main difference is that the action bars are riveted to the forearm on the maverick. Makes it a little bit of a pain to swap forends. Other than that, it's


katana8869 12-06-2009 19:41


LOVE my Maverick!!...
+1 on that. I have had 4 or 5 of these over the years and they are a very, very good buy in a no frills, reliable and dependable shotgun.

aippi 12-06-2009 21:28

I want the best tires on my vehicles and the best brake pads. If I am going to repel I want the best rope and harness. Why, because my life depends on these things. You don't need a $1,000 shotgun to defend your home or life, but spending a few more dollars for an 870 or 590 is not going to break you and could make a difference. There is a reaon that Maverick cosy $169 and the others cost more. You will find out if you buy it, hope it is on the range and not when SHTF. One guy has had 4 or 5 of them over the years, most the guys on here that have 870's have had them for 20 to 30 years, same weapon and it still runs like a swiss watch. The Maverick is like most other things we buy today, cheap, made cheap and when it breaks you throw it away. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

userfriendly 12-07-2009 05:02

The Maverick is basically a Mossberg 500 with a different safety. The 500 has the safety on the tang while the Maverick M88 has the safety on the trigger guard. Most other parts will interchange between the 2. The thing with the M88 is that you cant add magazine extensions. Its just how its made, you need to change the entire mag assembly.

It will go bang every time you pull the trigger. Its a cheap, no frills reliable and dependable gun. With pump shotguns, failure is mostly due to operator error. Short stroking, forgeting to release the safety, wrong ammo, etc.. Mechanical malfunctions are rare on pumps.

The reason its cheaper than the the 500 is its positioned as an entry level item. Its also assembled in Texas using Mexico made parts.

boss37 12-07-2009 05:45

Love mine. Have had it about 4 years, no problems. A great inexpensive option, imo.

roscoe45 12-07-2009 06:33

I've had mine over 5 years and had to send it in recently for a trigger group. The fine folks in Eagle Pass fixed it and sent it back in a couple weeks with no charge. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one again if this one ever wears out, it's been a very dependable gun.

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