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tdkammerer 01-01-2010 20:39

ideal 9mm ammo for personal protection
I recently made the change from 45 acp (Kimber Ultra) to 9mm (G19) for my CCW. I am very happy with my new G19 for CCW. What is the best option for ammo?

robin303 01-01-2010 20:42

There is so much out there. I just use Fiocchi 124 gr Hollow Points.

TriggerHappy007 01-01-2010 20:43

I personally lover Speer Gold Dot.

Any of the premium brands are great. Whatever you decide to go with make sure you run a box or 2 through the G19 before making it your carry ammo just for reliability concerns.

snoczp 01-01-2010 20:43

124gr Speer Gold Dot HP +P, or +P+ if you can find either.

ronin.45 01-01-2010 20:43

You can't really go wrong with any of the modern name brand hollow points. That being said I like Cor-bon Pow'r ball.

OmegaRunner 01-01-2010 20:44

I like Winchester Ranger in any flavor, but like Robin said there are a lot of them out there.

JuneyBooney 01-01-2010 20:47

I like the Corbon Powrball and Gold dot. Why did you change guns?

JCW355 01-01-2010 20:48

They're alot of options out there, I bought what was available. Speer gold dot 124+p. Bought several boxes. When I run out I'll look for the same but won't sweat it if I cant find the speer.

STI 01-01-2010 20:49

Ranger T in any cal (357 SIG & 45 ACP) here

481 01-01-2010 20:49


Originally Posted by tdkammerer (Post 14460283)
I recently made the change from 45 acp (Kimber Ultra) to 9mm (G19) for my CCW. I am very happy with my new G19 for CCW. What is the best option for ammo?

There is no such thing as an "ideal" bullet in any caliber.

Magic bullets do not exist.

As has been said above, go with a high-quality JHP in a weight that makes you the most confident.

byf43 01-01-2010 20:51

Federal 115 gr JHP +p+ (#9BPLE) or 115 gr JHP (#9BP)

MELE20C 01-01-2010 20:54

One of the best of the more commonly available ammunition would be Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +P. Another option available from Cabelas is Winchester® Supreme Elite Bond PDX1 which is also 124 grain +P. Beyond that, Corbon makes some good stuff as well especially in their DPX line. Good luck with that 19, I have two myself and love them!

Fiery Red XIII 01-01-2010 20:54

I carry Federal EFMJ in my G19C...the 124gr +P:


Buildwonder 01-01-2010 21:00

Shot placement, shot placement, shot placement.....guys get WAY too hung up on this topic to the point that the uneducated and untrained begin to rely solely on internet information to defend themselves. Practice your ass off with that G19 and carry some good name brand hollow points. A certain type of bullet isn't going to make a lick of difference when you're scrambling for your gun and for cover, only to blindly squeeze the trigger in the direction of the actor. Having the proper mindset to counter the threat and establishing good form and muscle memory when reacting to a hostile situation will go much further than having the "coolest" or "best" SD ammo in your mags. Subject closed.

To echo what someone previously said, run a few boxes through your gun to ensure feeding reliability.

TeddyB 01-01-2010 21:10

Glocks have made their reputation on being outstanding combat pistols. According to Glock they are set up for any quality +P ammunition. NATO FMJ has been very effective for our military in the sand box from 1991. Don't get hung up on ammo and internet speculation. We won a few wars before hollow point ammunition was even thought of.

Contact 01-01-2010 21:11

Any of the top dog ammunition manufacturers hollow points will be fine.

Too many people get too mixed up by the numbers. A bad guy isn't going to keep running toward you just because the bullet has +/- 10 lbs ft of energy over another brand.

Buy a couple brands, shoot a box or two of them, and once you trust them and shoot them well, Stick with it. No need to keep trying all types of self defense ammunition. It's definitely not cheap practice ammunition

Teufelhunde 01-01-2010 21:14

I think that any defensive round by any major manufacturer would serve you well. That being said, I carry Federal HST II 147 gr. I am a firm believer that heavy and slow trumps light and fast, and I believe that ballistics testing will support me in this.



AK47Man 01-01-2010 21:34

Ranger +P+ SXT or T series or Federal 9BPLE +P+. My top two choices....

USSOCOM 01-01-2010 21:44


Originally Posted by AK47Man (Post 14460712)
Ranger +P+ SXT or T series or Federal 9BPLE +P+. My top two choices....

Yes, good choices. I also recommend Federal HST and Hornady TAP.

Mr Wasabi 01-01-2010 21:50

I'm partial to Federal HST 147g +P in my Kahr PM9.

W4CNG 01-01-2010 21:56

9MM Social Ammo??
I am in the Cor-Bon +P 9MM DPX box having just left the Federal Hydro's box. All work great and function 100%. Same for my other calibers....

Arr6 01-01-2010 21:58


Originally Posted by Rounder1106 (Post 14460305)
I personally lover Speer Gold Dot.

Yup +p for me.

Convert 01-01-2010 21:59

Another +1 for Federal HST 147gr or Federal 9BPLE. The former is my personal carry round, while the latter is in my duty weapon. Both excellent, accurate reliable rounds.

I agree that if you do your part, pretty much ANY modern defensive load in 9mm will do it's thing and drop someone like a sack of crap.

I would also like to extend a thumbs up to Buildwonder for the excellent post. Shot placement, shot placement, shot placement. Practice your ass off and stay proficient - shooting is a perishable skill.

vinnier6 01-01-2010 22:01

the heaviest bullet for caliber is my preference for a defensive round...

mitchshrader 01-01-2010 22:04

ditto. you must also like deep holes. ya notice some guys do and some don't? I've wondered why. ;)

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