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Nemesis Lead 01-02-2010 19:39

Handgun Bullets
Hi Guys,

I am new to reloading and have used Montana Gold FMJ and CMJ bullets (9mm and .40) with great success in USPSA / IDPA.

A friend of mine claims that Montana Gold is way overpriced (his words, not mine). For reference--3000 9mm 147 grain FMJ bullets cost $305 including S&H.

My question is.....are there cheaper FMJ bullets available that still have high quality? Note--I am unwilling to shoot lead in competition for various reasons. FMJ only, please.

Many thanks,


Colorado4Wheel 01-02-2010 19:44

124 gr will save you some money. I pay around 285 for 3750 count.

ron59 01-02-2010 21:24

Precision Delta is $84 per 1000, so that's $252 per 3000. They do discounts over 6000 bullets.

Quite a few people use them.

Right now, they're on my "crap" list. I place an order back in March, 6 months later, they call and ask if I still wanted them. I'd already received two orders from Montana Gold in that time. I'd email them, they'd say "oh, next month". They were producing 115gr and 124gr apparently, but no 147gr stuff.

Now, that was during the HEIGHT of the component shortage, so maybe they're getting caught back up now.

I've heard their quality isn't as good as MG, but I'll wait awhile and maybe I'll try some of theirs. But I want to make sure they have some IN STOCK, because I refuse to backorder something from them.

But for jacketed bullets, they're the only cheaper ones I'm familiar with.

DWARREN123 01-02-2010 22:13

Berry's plated and Magnus are two brands I use in 40 S&W and like them.
Get the Magnus for $42 for 250 and Berry's 1,000 for $118 at a local shop.

RLDS45S 01-02-2010 22:40

Comparing apples to oranges.....jacketed bullets are one thing, plated another, poly/moly coated, another, hard cast lead another.

Precision Delta and Rose make a nice bullet, just not easy to get. I have never waited more then 4 business days for orders from Montana Gold. That of course can not be said for Zero or PD......

Missouri Bullets same availability as Montana Gold....BBI was behind for a while but I think they are running about a week for delivery.

If you plan ahead well there may be some savings to be had.......:wavey:

robin303 01-03-2010 03:27

I just bought 250 Berry's 115 gr FMJ RN for $19.99 at Cabela's.

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